EBIA Weekly Newsletter

Form 5500 Filings for Health & Welfare Plans: EBIA Workbook and Webinar

   June 2, 2016

Form 5500 failures can trigger some of the toughest penalties in benefits law, making careful compliance a must for plan sponsors, service providers, and advisors. Calendar-year plans must file Form 5500 as early as next month, so let EBIA help you stay on top of the rules!

  • Form 5500 Workbook for Health & Welfare Plans (2015 Plan Years). This full-sized, spiral-bound workbook focuses exclusively on health & welfare plans and covers the 2015 Form 5500 requirements line-by-line, highlighting new items. Written by EBIA’s experts, the workbook provides targeted, user-friendly information—including scenarios summarizing the filing requirements for selected plan configurations and a sample filled-in Form 5500. It also delves into particularly challenging aspects of the Form, such as Schedules C, H, and I, and explains background topics vital to understanding the filing requirements and exemptions, such as determining a plan’s funded status. With the Form 5500 Workbook for Health & Welfare Plans, you can cut through all the inapplicable pension/retirement material in Form 5500 and concentrate on what matters for your health & welfare plans. Order today!
  • EBIA Webinar: Form 5500 for Health and Welfare Plans: Preparation and Filing (recorded on April 28, 2016). Available at your convenience, our Form 5500 webinar explains the filing obligations and walks through the 2015 Form 5500, highlighting the health and welfare requirements, potential pitfalls, and changes from the 2014 Form. For more information or to purchase, please call 800-231-1860 or Click Here.