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With the significant rise of lawsuits in our litigious society, the need for forensic accountants continues to climb. Technology has enabled sophisticated financial crimes that are increasingly difficult to crack, producing the need for forensic accountants to investigate, identify, analyze and interpret the data required to negotiate legal proceedings. It is essential that your firm’s forensic team have impeccable credentials – as well as a stellar reputation and credibility in your community – in order for you to meet the market’s need. Make your expertise known by proactively sharing forensic accounting articles regularly with your sphere of influence – clients, attorneys, prospects, business owners, CFOs, corporate counsel and the media.

Over the past few years, many forensic accountants have seen an increase in demand for their services. That demand is expected to continuously increase due to an upswing in litigation and regulatory enforcement.

Remain competitive with forensic accounting articles that showcase your expertise and increase awareness

To remain competitive in the marketplace, you must demonstrate your expertise and increase your visibility with potential referral sources. Heightened credibility will also help pave the way for more business in this lucrative area. Sharing forensic accounting articles on a regular basis will ensure that your practitioners and forensic super sleuths are not only top of mind when a need arises, but that they are experts in their field.

Our forensic accounting articles cover internal and external fraud detection, prevention techniques, expert witness testimony, damage computation, dispute resolution, computer forensics and much more. Designed to help you remain top of mind and increase your credibility, our content options may be used for your firm’s:

  • Newsletters (print, email, online)
  • Website and blog
  • Social media
  • Seminars and presentations

Enhance your approach to forensic accounting marketing

Our vetted, professionally written forensic accounting articles, newsletters and other content marketing solutions are timely and informative. They are highly regarded by even the toughest of critics (and one of your best referral sources), attorneys. Earn more forensic accounting business by sharing articles that establish your firm as a thought leader in the area of financial investigations.

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Sean P. Smith, Director of Marketing
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