Meet your newest staff member: Checkpoint Edge

In an era of staffing shortages, the 600+ experts behind Checkpoint Edge offer 5,000 years of combined tax experience. With the ability to search only reliable and verified sources, you can empower even your junior staff to answer client questions quickly and confidently.

Why choose Checkpoint Edge?

Stay current on urgent tax topics

With next-day analysis of tax legislation, we’ve always got the answers to your most pressing tax questions.

Get real-time alerts

Keep up with tax policy changes as they happen with timely alerts, trusted guidance, and real-world insight.

Protect your reputation

Adhere to AICPA tax library standards with vetted sources and expert guidance.

Experience time-saving integrations

Power your tax research momentum through direct integration with UltraTax and GoSystemTax.

Empower your staff. 
Impress your clients.

Today’s top talent demands the latest technology. Upskill your staff and attract leading candidates with a research platform that enables speed and accuracy. With search capabilities that go beyond results by suggesting relevant expert insights and analysis, you’ll strengthen client relationships and become the go-to tax and accounting advisory firm.

Power your tax research momentum

  • A single point of search: Search trusted public sites alongside Checkpoint content
  • Snapshots: Familiarize yourself with unfamiliar topics
  • Concept markers: Flag missing or beneficial concepts and re-sort results
  • State charts: Reimagine how you visualize data
  • Predictive queries: Type-ahead feature provides suggestions and saves time
  • Content advantages: Cases/annotation, state reporters versus navigators, PPC Deskbooks and Planning, WGL Treatises (cited in court), Orbitax/IBFD, Credits and Incentives Pinpointer, and Checkpoint Catalyst

Ready to see the benefits of Checkpoint Edge?

What your peers are saying about Checkpoint Edge

“It helps us provide more complete answers to our clients much faster.”

Hear how T.C. Burgin used Checkpoint to help sell his client on the value of tax research in providing a defensible position to the IRS, generate significant fees for his firm, and get an answer that made his client happy.

“Don’t search Google, search Checkpoint.”

Hear Brent Forbush describe how his firm uses Checkpoint to be more efficient in how they approach tasks or forms they don’t see often and empower new and junior staff, freeing up his time to focus on higher value activities.

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