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Aumentum Cadastre
Manage property data with our cadastral map software

Why choose Aumentum Cadastre

Governments rely on cadastral maps to keep land administration running smoothly, from defining property rights to planning for natural disasters. Thomson Reuters Aumentum Cadastre is an enterprise information management system with embedded Esri® GIS technology that helps you collect and manage property data, and make it accessible to the public. With powerful survey and cadastral management tools built in, Cadastre automates business processes to ensure that parcel data is shared across products and departments. That means less data duplication and errors to slow your team down.

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What you get with our powerful cadastral map software

Improve efficiency

Manage users, permissions, settings, toolbars, reports, and more. Plus, use executive dashboards to track staff productivity.

Manage property information

Edit, store, and geo-reference legal property data with its associated parcel record, using a suite of document management tools.


Collect land parcel data just once and use it for land rights registration, equitable valuation, and improved tax billing.

Customize workflows

Easily configure your workflow by dragging and dropping components. Then assign tasks to clients as an intuitive set of activities.

Improve transparency

Get a comprehensive audit trail of user activity and parcel histories, using built-in database reporting tools.

“Ultimately, the entire state — every inch and every parcel of land — will be documented and registered. For our people, there is now a sense of security. Your land is your land.”
Aumentum Implementer Program

The Thomson Reuters Aumentum Implementer Program (AIP) utilizes certified and trained local partners to implement our Aumentum software solutions worldwide, and maximize the success of our government clients.

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