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Aumentum OpenTitle
Land rights software for documenting property ownership

Why choose Aumentum OpenTitle

Thomson Reuters Aumentum OpenTitle gives growing communities the tools to protect their prime asset: land. Governments and other agencies use OpenTitle to more easily document land rights — which can be a game-changer in rural or developing areas where owning property isn't always clearly defined. By creating a digitized inventory of land records, OpenTitle improves property data collection and reporting. The software is a flexible land-tenure solution designed to handle growth, especially in communities without resources to implement programs of their own.

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What you get with our powerful land rights software

Data collection

Log cadastral surveys, maps, images, GPS data, and more. Plus, geo-reference property data to ensure it’s mapped correctly.

Image editing

Improve the quality of images and documents with a full suite of image-editing tools.

Parcel management

Create and edit spatial information, manage unique parcel identifier schemes, track parcel history, and more.


​Generate, view, and print a variety of reports — including reports on productivity, so you can analyze efficiencies in your office.

System administration

Control who can access information through user permissions and settings, plus create and manage dictionaries and reports.

Almost everyone in Liberia has been affected by undocumented land rights. The opening of the deeds and records Customer Service Office represents a new beginning for the people of Liberia.
Aumentum Implementer Program

The Thomson Reuters Aumentum Implementer Program (AIP) utilizes certified and trained local partners to implement our Aumentum software solutions worldwide, and maximize the success of our government clients.

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