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Aumentum Public Access
Serve the public online with a custom government website

Why choose Aumentum Public Access

Bring your office online with Thomson Reuters Aumentum Public Access software. With this low-cost, customizable website, your constituents can download documents, fill out forms and applications, and even make tax payments.

Public Access makes it simple for you to manage content — you can make as much information available as you choose, from property data and valuation information to vital records and tax records. Empower citizens to do more online, so your team can focus on more productive tasks.

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What you get with Aumentum Public Access

Content management

Control your website’s look, feel, and content and match it to your jurisdiction’s main website for a consistent experience.

Data security

Thomson Reuters hosts your website at a Tier 1 hosting facility to make sure that your real-time data stays secure.

Instant customer service

The customer service hotline and email are staffed by Thomson Reuters professionals ready to assist.

Site analytics

​Analyze site traffic and trends using tracking reports so you can better serve your constituents.

Reduce office traffic

With current data available on your site, the public can use self-service options and reduce your staff's workload.

Property information

Let the public search records data, CAMA, personal property, and tax data quickly and easily online.

Online payment

Provide a secure shopping cart experience. Our Reach-In technology assures that only correct amounts are paid via website.

Serves many jurisdictions

Public Access serves the Americas, APAC, MENA, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Aumentum eGovernment gives us the capability to ensure that all tax information is constantly updated. If something happens right now, we are able to get a message up on the homepage instantly.
Aumentum Implementer Program

The Thomson Reuters Aumentum Implementer Program (AIP) uses certified and trained local partners to implement our Aumentum software solutions worldwide, and maximize the success of our government clients.

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