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Aumentum Recorder
Government records management has never been easier

Why choose Aumentum Recorder

The universe of public records can be complex, but managing them doesn’t have to be. Thomson Reuters Aumentum Recorder is a government records management software that helps you create and maintain a wide range of records, including real estate, vitals, and marriage.

Aumentum Recorder is built with powerful functionality, like automated indexing and redaction, full text OCR searching on images, and e-recording from any authorized submitter. And, unlike other government document management systems, it integrates with our records management suite so you only have to collect taxpayer data once to see it automatically populate into other software. Plus, you can customize user features to optimize your workflow.

Aumentum Recorder helps you do more with less, so you can improve productivity and customer service while dealing with fewer duplication errors.

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What you get with our government records management software

Customizable workflow

Set up workflows the way you want. Drag and drop individual workflow components to configure the system in real time.

Cashiering made easy

Get cash drawer support, credit card processing, refund and non-sufficient-fund check tracking, auto-fee calculation and more.

Instant access

Reduce time-consuming visits to your office by allowing the public to search, view, and print county records online.

Executive dashboards

​Track staff inefficiencies and productivity through executive dashboards so managers can make better, quicker decisions.

Efficient data collection

Collect constituent data once to see it automatically populate into other systems, from billing and collection to the valuation role.

Robust security

Guard confidentiality with overlapping security layers, including auditing layers for user, workstation, and document tracking.

Powerful multitasking

Boost productivity with technology that lets you handle several processes at once, from running reports to viewing images.

E-commerce integration

Full e-commerce capabilities include a shopping cart for credit card purchases such as ordering certified copies, as well as saved searches and account management.

Even though we’ve had staff reductions of about 20 percent, we can now get the basic work done in a very fast, accurate, and efficient manner, so when constituents walk in, we can spend the time assisting them.
Aumentum Implementer Program

The Thomson Reuters Aumentum Implementer Program (AIP) combines localized partners and their expertise with our products, services, and training so we can maximize the success of our government clients.

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