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Aumentum Tax Simplify revenue management with our tax collection software

Why choose Aumentum Tax

Property taxes are a vital source of government revenue — and you need a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated property tax collection software that can keep up. Easy to use and configure, Thomson Reuters Aumentum Tax gives you a complete range of property tax software tools, including levy management, billing, collection cashiering, and special assessments. Aumentum Tax meets the tax revenue management challenges you face every day, from legislative and technology changes to sharing data with the public and with other government offices. Equip your staff with crucial time-saving capabilities and make every resource count.

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What you get with our powerful tax collection software

Information center

Give your staff access to extensive property tax and tax billing data with a sophisticated search tool.

GIS integration

Aumentum GeoAnalyst integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS® Server, so you can use spatial tools to analyze data more effectively.

Unlimited event log

Document the history of every event and transaction associated with a specific property.

Management console

​Review up-to-date visual data of office and staff activities, collected in real-time by location, source, service and more.

Aumentum Records Management

Aumentum Records, a key component of the technology platform, provides a single inventory of parcels, filings, business revenue, and motor vehicles.

Aumentum Assessment Administration

Correctly maintain the property inventory and valuation data used to determine assessed values for the assessment roll.

Special assessments

Create, maintain, and calculate amounts for special assessment districts and projects — including amortization over many years.

Levy management

Compute payment terms, rate management, tax, charges, and revenue forecasting from taxable values with this calculation engine.

Before Aumentum, our staff would spend three weeks in the process of exporting and printing tax bills. We’ve now shortened that time by 66 percent, with the process taking only one week.
Aumentum Implementer Program

The Thomson Reuters Aumentum Implementer Program (AIP) utilizes certified and trained local partners to implement our Aumentum software solutions worldwide, and maximize the success of our government clients.

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