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TerraScan A fully integrated software suite for county governments of all sizes

Why choose TerraScan

Aumentum TerraScan Solution from Thomson Reuters is a fully integrated software package designed for county government jurisdictions of all sizes. TerraScan provides local government officials with a single system for appraisal and assessment while adhering to the specifications of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAOO). It allows users to value land using methods, such as, square foot, front foot, units buildable, price per acre, and site value. Combined, these tools give county officials a complete in-house data processing system that is extremely flexible and easy to use.

What you get with our powerful integrated software suite

Index creation utility

Control the display and availability of records, using queries and indexes to find, sort, and manipulate data.

Personal property file

Track, value, and depreciate personal property items, plus apply late filing penalties and exemptions.

Historical database

Create and maintain a database of sales.

Board of equalization tracking system

​This feature is integrated directly into the system.

Miscellaneous tax collection

Collect miscellaneous taxes such as irrigation, drainage, ditch and dike districts, and sanitary improvement districts.

Easy payment

Pay receipts individually or as a batch.

Complete general ledger system

Our system integrates seamlessly with the tax collection module.

Extensive history

Chronicle all assessment and collection activity on each parcel record.

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