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Aumentum Valuation
CAMA software for fair and accurate appraisals

Why choose Aumentum Valuation

Property taxes drive economic growth — and collecting them accurately depends on assessing fair property values. Thomson Reuters Aumentum Valuation is appraiser software that includes a complete range of tools, using the latest in GIS, sketching, and workflow technologies to make equitable valuations. We offer SaaS, onsite, and hosted software options, so you can use the tools in the way that works best for your organization. Designed by CAMA software professionals and supporting international best practices, Valuation is built on decades of knowledge and experience.

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What you get with our powerful appraiser software

Data management

Valuation offers a customizable configuration of property data, so you can see how the property changed over time.

GIS integration

Aumentum GeoAnalyst integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS Server, so you can use spatial tools to analyze data more effectively.

Pictometry integration

Measure the area, perimeter, and height of any structure or property without spending time and money on a field visit.

Sketch integration

​Integrate Aumentum Smart Sketch with Real Property for the perfect pairing of valuation and sketch technology.

Field computing

Log and update property characteristics from field locations, using the same configurable business rules you use at the office.

Correspondence and reporting

Create letters and forms using Aumentum correspondence tools in a seamless, user-friendly Microsoft® environment.

Efficient workflow tools

Enable your team to manage business processes and view task lists, while monitoring staff efficiency and productivity.

Multiple methods of valuation

Have control throughout the calculation of final values and support multiple methods within each of the valuation approaches.

With Aumentum’s workflow-centric system all of our teams can work together at the same time and from the same set of real-time data, helping us to become more efficient.
Aumentum Implementer Program

The Thomson Reuters Aumentum Implementer Program (AIP) uses certified and trained local partners to implement our Aumentum software solutions worldwide, and maximize the success of our government clients.

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