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AEOI Reporting
CRS and FATCA reporting processes simplified

Why choose AEOI Reporting

Accurate reporting is essential to meet Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requirements — but it’s challenging when the IRS and IGA partner countries have different standards for collecting data. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE AEOI Reporting automates tax reporting for all countries, so your team won’t lose time formatting and filing data manually. Our software provides full audit trails and country coverage with key controls and validations, plus handles electronic submissions that vary from country to country.

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What you get with our AEOI reporting solution

1-point reporting management

AEOI Reporting keeps track of key data points and submission dates.

Up-to-date regulations

We stay one step ahead of the regulations so you can future-proof your reporting strategy.

Full audit trail

Get a comprehensive audit trail and country coverage with key controls and validations.

Reduced tech complexity

AEOI Reporting is flexible and scalable, which means it doesn’t require a total re-work of your firm’s IT system. ​

Custom control

Custom-built validations and look-ups ensure data meets schema requirements and other business rules and exception management.

About CRS and FATCA compliance

Together, CRS and FATCA have shaken up international tax reporting. Thomson Reuters gives you the information and tools you need to navigate regulations.



FATCA: Buy vs. Build

FATCA reporting, and the filings required for the similar UK and OECD regulations, are trigger issues that demand a business response. With no current process to fall back on — as new reporting, there is no “business as usual” method — the options are to throw people at the problem or to invest in a technology solution. With most businesses opting against manual solutions because of the volume and complexity of reporting, the decision becomes whether it is more appropriate to build out existing technology, or to work with vendors and bring in third-party solutions.

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