Tax Preparation Automation

Get More Value Out of Your Billable Hours With UltraTax CS


Tax prep automation

See how UltraTax CS can help automate tax preparation at your accounting firm, allowing you to better serve your tax clients and offer them greater value. Check out this video to see how your firm can serve your clients faster and better.


You and your tax and accounting staff work hard to serve your clients and help your business succeed but how can your staff better deliver real value? The kind that sets you apart with the satisfied clients to show for it. The truth is, while your staff diligently documents their billable hours, your current processes could be limiting how valuable those hours actually are. Like many accounting firms, you may have found that a number of challenges influenced this disconnect. For starters, your staff is constantly dealing with new rules and regulations many of which arrive late in the tax season. They have to scramble to get an overwhelming amount of work done quickly. In the rush, errors can be overlooked causing bigger problems later that require more time to fix. Meanwhile, your staff also spends a lot of time performing manual tasks like sorting and routing documents and rekeying data in order to process clients' tax returns.

Yet, even as your staff maintains an intense focus on critical day to day tasks, your clients may become increasingly dissatisfied because their accounting needs aren't confined to tax season. They extend to compliance, business strategy, and more and they're constantly changing. To meet these client expectations, you need to squeeze extra value from every billable hour. What if you could rapidly address tax law changes, automate workflow across all your clients, and give clients what they need before they know they need it?

When you partner with Thomson Reuters, your staff can get started on tax work sooner because we quickly analyze and address tax changes in your UltraTax CS software and automatic updates happen behind the scenes so you and your staff won't be interrupted. And by leveraging UltraTax CS capabilities including diagnostic tools that catch potential errors, like blank fields, and an automated tax workflow that only requires data to be entered once your staff can complete tax returns more quickly and accurately and have time to add valuable insights.

With the right technology to better serve your clients faster, your staff can shift their attention to proactively delivering tools and services that create new ideas and strategies for growth and engagement. And that's how billable hours become more valuable hours and how your clients stay satisfied today and in the future. To learn more and see how you can get a better ROI for your firm every day of the year. Visit