Cadastre Case Studies

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 12, 2012

In many jurisdictions, maps and property rights information rarely reflect the situation on the ground. All too often, cadastral index maps are out of date, in poor condition or deteriorating. Many maps locate parcels using assumed coordinates leading to overlapping and potentially conflicting claims. Procedural steps that require approval by the Surveyor General or equivalent for the approval of survey plans adds to the delay in issuing land titles. Consequently there is a real need to convert paper records into digital format, geo-reference property information and streamline administrative procedures.

Patterns & Explanation of Offering

Aumentum Cadastreā„¢ has been designed for cadastral offices and survey departments is to automate the cadastral data management component through a workflow-driven enterprise software system. Aumentum Cadastre brings workflow and business rule integrity to survey department procedures ingesting data from multiple sources, enforcing spatial consistency and generating deeds (plans or survey) diagrams. Aumentum Cadastre has been developed from our unique understanding of the needs of surveyors and assessor officers alike in seeking overall efficiency improvements with regard surveys and mapping.

Case Studies

Impact in Dominica

On behalf of the Lands and Surveys Department in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Thomson Reuters developed and implemented a Unified Land Administration System (ULIS) based on Aumentum Cadstre for the management of state land.

Impact in Uganda

Thomson Reuters is implementing Aumentum Cadastre to create a seamless parcel fabric for up to 17,000 sq km of territory in six pilot districts in Uganda. The project involves the configuration of Aumentum Cadstre, development of manuals, training of personnel, and workflow level integration with Aumentum Registry.