Geary County, Kansas Chooses GRM Recorder

Megan Wierenga Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives April 4, 2013

The Challenge

According to the U.S. Census, Geary County, home to Fort Riley and the Army’s 1st Infantry Division, was the fastest growing county in Kansas between 2000 and 2010. The County, located on the western edge of Fort Riley, saw its population grow by 23 percent. The construction of new homes had slowed in 2008, but has become brisk once again with the Army’s prediction of a shortfall of 1200 family housing units in the region. And presently, with the return of the Division from combat duty in Afghanistan, new housing units are currently under construction or have been completed within numerous new subdivisions.

Facing both an increase in population and housing construction, Geary’s Register of Deeds, Diane Briestensky-Leonard knew she needed to make a decision. “Our recorder software system was more than 10 years old,” said Briestensky-Leonard. “We had upgraded it several times, but we could barely keep up with the demand for services. We needed a new system that would allow us to do our work in an efficient and error free manner, so the department as a whole could devote more time to serving our constituents, and allow me to effectively manage.”

The Solution

The County invited several companies to make demonstrations of their systems, with Thomson Reuters presenting Aumentum Recorder. “From the demos we saw Aumentum proved to be exactly what we needed,” said Briestensky-Leonard. “A system that in its present configuration is easy to use and can meet all of our current needs. But it is flexible enough to be added to as our future needs grow.” According to her, it was not only the system that was impressive. “From the start, Thomson Reuters representatives while speaking to us knowledgeably, did so in a language we could understand,” she said. “They patiently and courteously answered every question we had. That gave us confidence that we were not only getting a very good system but that we would also have a very good company supporting our system. And after six months of being live, I can say that choosing Aumentum Recorder is the best decision I’ve made in my 16 years of being the Register!”

The Deployment

According to Briestensky-Leonard the installation and deployment was easier than she expected. “From the first day of installation to go-live, it took four weeks, including time for training. It went very smooth,” she said. “During the entire period our regular work never suffered while they migrated all of the data stored in the old system into the new system—specifically configured to the way we do business in Geary. But that was only part of it,” she added. “Thomson Reuters provided excellent training. As a matter of fact they made it easy and even fun for us to learn the new system—even our most senior staff member who has been in the department for close to 30 years, and who was leery of the changes, has fully embraced Aumentum. She’s come to realize that the system helps to automatically and accurately process data only once, ending the manual, time consuming and error prone chore of re-entering of the same data in different fields. This has simplified and sped up our office’s processes increasing the productivity of the staff.”


“A game changer,” is how Briestensky-Leonard refers to Aumentum. “Before Aumentum Recorder we would be able to return documents on a one to two day turn around. Now, we are able to return documents, for the most part, the same day they are filed. This makes both our public and our title companies happy.” And she added that not only is her office able to process and return the documents daily, “But many times, we are even able to verify the indexing of the documents on the same day.” Briestensky-Leonard said that it is hard for her to mention what she likes best about Aumentum. “Frankly, I like it all,” she said. “However, the cashiering side is such an asset, from entering the documents, to the charge account portion to the day-end balancing. It’s like 1-2-3 and it is done! We are also enjoying providing the public and large volume users, such as title companies, the flexibility of using our online services—this has resulted in a large decrease of office traffic. These are just a few examples of how Aumentum has increased our office’s productivity and given the staff the time they need to personally serve the public. And, Aumentum has also given us more flexibility when we take our vacations – so how great is that?”


“From the very beginning Thomson Reuters’ support has been fabulous. They have very high standards of customer care” said Briestensky-Leonard. “Their service has been great—one phone call or an email and their technical support team quickly responds and help us not only to fix clearly understand but the issues.” When speaking of Thomson Reuters staff, Briestensky-Leonard had high praise—mentioning different individuals who participated in the installation of the system and training of the staff, some of which continue to provide support. “They were all great, and to this day, whenever we need help, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call.