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Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum, Newsletters, Resources November 6, 2012

From the Desk of Al Ales

I’m pleased to report that the Thomson Reuters team, working closely with our partners, has completed the roll conversion process for 2012.  This year has seen great gains in the roll process with better than expected turnaround after receiving the initial file, a reduction in processing time and far less back and forth needed for balancing.  A couple of key highlights from this year include:

  • Walton County was the first to have their roll process completed.
  • 75% of the files received were returned to the county within one day.
  • The average time needed to balance a tax roll was a little over one day.
  • All but two counties had their file to the print vendor early.

These are remarkable statistics and truly reflect the maturity and integrity of our product, strength of our support staff and most important, the diligent effort put forth by our partners to ensure the process was smooth.

We have also seen significant gains in the area of credit card processing.  The integrated solution is currently live and accepting credit cards at the counter in eight separate counties utilizing three different payment processors.  We are working with other payment partners to facilitate this process in the remaining jurisdictions.  The feedback from this module has been very positive and we look forward to getting to a point where all of our customers can enjoy the gains that have been recognized with an integrated credit card application.

Finally as we are in November, I want to give thanks to my incredible staff for all of their hard work and long hours over the past few weeks.  This is our busiest time of the year and leads to some long days at the office.  However, persistence paid off and we can hold our heads high on what has been our best tax roll season to date.  Thanks also go out to our great customers who also put in some long days working side by side with us to get this task completed.  Here’s to a great fourth quarter and a wonderful end to the year.

Best Regards,


Al Ales
Director of Operations, Florida


2012 Closes with Major Improvements to MVP!

Over the past year some significant enhancements and functionalities have been added to the MVP Tax application.   The majority of the enhancements are the brainchild of your Advisory Council and the added functionality was a natural progression of an already robust product.   Highlights include in no particular order:

e-Billing – Ability to register tax accounts to receive bills via email vs. postal delivery.  The option to send both e-Bill and printed bills exists. Functionality has been added to CollectMax where customers complete the e-Bill registration form, then receive a verification email to complete the process.  MVP also allows for manual entry of email addresses as well.  The e-Bill program is accessed through a new menu option “Electronic Billing” and is permission driven.

Fees – Functionality to accommodate Real Recovery product – Advisory Council Issue

Transfer Certificates in Mass – Users can now select/deselect individual certificates to be included in the Mass Transfer from one bidder to another – Advisory Council Issue

Credit Card Cashiering Interface – Ability to complete credit card transactions within the MVP Universal Cashiering posting process.  Programming has been completed for Bill 2 Pay, Collectors Solution and Point & Pay.

Ledger Interface – LI program has been updated for counties using MUNIS accounting software.

Business Tax Reports – Various reports now include email addresses that are associated with BT accounts – Advisory Council Issue.

Bill Print Linked Accounts – Ability to add a message to the printed tax bill (mass & bill print file) for linked accounts where a prior dues amount due exists.

VAB Petition – programming for new legislative rules regarding VAB petition accounts.

Litigation – Correspondence and Remarks functionality has been added to the Litigation module.

Job Scheduler – InfoTrieve jobs can now be scheduled on the calendar.

Tax Bills – Counties can now make changes to the Tax Collector name, address, and phone number that print on the bills by changing this information in County File Maintenance.

Three Counties Implement e-Bills

Sarasota, Santa Rosa and St. Johns counties have fully embraced the changes to Chapter 197 allowing for the delivery of Property Tax Notice via email.  Through their CollectMax sites these counties have been collecting email addresses through a simple on-line registration process:

  1. Customer accesses  their account and click on the e-bill registration button
  2.  Customer completes the form and submits
  3.  Within minutes your customer receives a verification email containing a link that must be opened; verification is now complete!

2012 Property Tax Notice e-bills are delivered in an email customized to your county’s specifications and can include links or PDF attachments.  The Electronic Billing module is included in MVP at no additional charge.  Collection season is the perfect time to register your taxpayers for e-bills.  If you’re interested in more information, please contact or 888-550-5850 ext 7105.  Please see the abbreviated  sample of Sarasota’s e-bill to the right.