GRM News – Indiana Spring 2013

Megan Wierenga Aumentum, Newsletters, Resources March 12, 2013


You’ve heard the phrase “big city convenience, small town charm”, or some variation of it, and many of us strive to live in a community which combines both traits. Big city convenience is thought to provide a mature infrastructure to support a thriving economy, abundant transportation options, and prosperous career opportunities. Conversely, small town charm is thought to be a warm, friendly place where you can safely relax without worries. Striking a balance between these seemingly contradictory worlds is difficult, but once achieved, the mutual harmony benefits the community as well as its citizens.

This same balanced philosophy holds true in business. A large business generally has invested in significant infrastructure to support long-term growth, attracted employees with diverse skillsets, and offers its clients economies of scale. Conversely, a small business generally attracts employees with specialized skills, structural independence, and strong one-on-one relationships. Neither approach fits every situation, but the best companies, large and small, are able to blend these characteristics to create “big company convenience, small company charm”, which mutually benefits the company and its clients in the same way that communities and citizens benefit from similar harmony.

There is no denying it; Thomson Reuters is a large, diverse company and we’ve invested substantially in our people, our products, and our infrastructure to support long-term growth. To complement this, however, we’ve established a variety of office locations throughout the United States, each staffed with employees supporting products and clients in a particular state or region. For example, the Indianapolis office has been at its current location for more than 15 years and it’s staffed with a team of subject matter experts dedicated solely to providing MVP Tax, Proval, and MIRRS products and support specifically for Indiana counties. By striking a balance, Thomson Reuters is able to provide the big company convenience of financial stability, established infrastructure, and diverse skillsets, while at the same time delivering small company charm such as Indiana specific knowledge and the development of personal one-on-one relationships.

Striking this balance is not difficult, particularly when the balance itself is initiated by the local Indiana team and their desire to provide superior products, and excellent customer support and service. While it may sound cliché, we truly believe that people make the difference and this difference alone allows Thomson Reuters to provide our Indiana clients with both; big company convenience and small company charm.


Scott Stephens
Senior Director of Operations


The 2013 property tax cycle is in full swing with abstracts and tax bills the order of business. We certainly enjoyed seeing so many of you at our ‘Get Acquainted’ product workshops for newly elected officials and staff. We hope you found the workshops helpful and look forward to seeing you at future product events.

The MVP Tax Advisory Council (MTAC) met on February 8, 2013 to elect officers and conduct first quarter business. Advisory members elected Martha Lake, Howard County Auditor as President and John Almasy, Lake County Mapping/Real Estate Supervisor as Vice President. Congratulations to Martha and John! We truly appreciate the time, effort, and wisdom all of the members invest into making MVP Tax a product reflective of your property tax administration needs and priorities.

In closing, it was great to visit and catch up on Treasurer news during the March 5th and 6th District meetings. Our next road trip will take us to the Spring Auditor’s Conference May 14 – 17th. Until then, happy tax billing!

Aumentum PROVAL Version 9.0.0 COMING SOON

Does the March 1st Assessment Date have you buried in data collection, property maintenance, and sales trending analysis? It certainly is that time of year again and we are sure that you are staying quite busy; anticipating all that goes along with the 2013 assessment cycle. In addition to supporting all your CAMA needs throughout this busy time, we at Thomson Reuters are also very excited about the upcoming general release of
Aumentum ProVal, Version 9.0.0 and all that it has to offer.

Here are just a few of the enhancements that you can expect with Aumentum ProVal, Version 9.0.0:

•Workstation Auto Updates
•Dockable Window Enhancements
•Future Allocations
•Revamped Appeals Module
•Comprehensive Database and Installation Detail
•Redesigned Land Tab

We would like to extend a special thanks all the valued customers who have collaborated with us on numerous Beta tests. Your help has truly been a worthwhile endeavor.

Stay tuned for a general release of Aumentum ProVal, Version 9.0.0 coming your way soon!