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Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum, Newsletters, Resources November 5, 2012

You can always tell when it is an election year in local government. So much preparation goes into making an election work and with so many moving parts sometimes people forget to appreciate the folks that make it happen. So here is my early “thank you” for all that you do to make the elections in Kansas a success. I am sure many of you are looking forward to the days after the votes are certified and the election is over.

The Advisory Councils for our Traditional County software solutions and our Aumentum solutions took place in August and September. To review, the Traditional County software solutions consist of the Patriot, CountyWorks, eGov, GIS, and other long standing solutions. The Aumentum solutions consist of Windows based taxation solutions from Thomson Reuters toward which many Counties are choosing to move. We recruited 14 people to the Aumentum membership board and 11 to the Kansas Traditional membership board. At the meetings, we established board policies and discussed software topics. We had a great start to establishing the Advisory Councils and I can’t wait for the next round.

For those of you interested in dialing in, the Aumentum meeting will be on December 5th and the Traditional County software meeting will be on December 11th. If you would like to dial in, then please email me at You don’t have to be a voting member to join the meetings by conference call. In addition, feel free to email me prior to the meetings with items you would like the board to discuss.

These councils revolve around you and will be led by you. They will be used to give us guidance on what you feel is important. They also allow you to discuss your interests and priorities with other people using the same software. The councils will become the number one way for us to understand what you want from the software and will be a vital part in shaping our software.

As a reminder, on July 1st we officially transitioned to the Thomson Reuters brand. So when you see the name “Thomson Reuters” come across your desk or land in your inbox, please know that it is us!

With Thomson Reuters, you can expect us to continue to grow while putting our customer first. We pride ourselves on this and will continue to work hard at maintaining a high quality customer service level. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Talk to you next quarter!

Travis Rozean
Dir. of Ops. for KS, TX, & GIS
Tax & Accounting, Government



We are very proud to announce that Ford County, Kansas has selected Thomson Reuters Aumentum Recorder as their document management software solution. They become Thomson Reuter’s seventh client in Kansas to implement the Aumentum Recorder Solution in the Register of Deeds office.

About Aumentum: Aumentum is Thomson Reuters fully integrated property management suite of software designed to manage and support the entire property life cycle, which includes deed recording, land records, GIS (Geographic Information System) integration, valuation, assessment administration, personal property, business licenses, cashiering, tax billing and collection, delinquents and tax sales, and e-government.

Thomson Reuters Aumentum automates the operational, information and planning needs for Assessors, Auditors, Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Recorders and other state and local governmental officials so that they can completely, fairly and efficiently assess real and personal property and bill and collect the related property taxes in their jurisdictions. More on this product is available at here.


APRIL 16-18, 2013

Watch for more information coming soon!


We continue to offer a one hour webinar each Tuesday morning at 10AM on various topics and applications. Subject matter will be offered for Patriot, CountyWorks and Municipal customers. We will drill down into specific subject matter and processes. These sessions can serve as both a refresher for current staff as well as training for new employees in your office.

By giving us just one hour of your time each week, our goal is to assist you with your daily tasks and ease of use in regard to our applications.

The topics offered each week will be posted in the EDUCATION section of our Connexion page and can be accessed by going to To access the education schedule, go to TAX>KANSAS>INFINITEC. Click on the EDUCATION tab to view the schedule and topics. This is also where you will find the link to access the webinar as well as the call in number for the audio portion of the session.

If you are unable to attend a session, a recording of each session will be posted on this same site following completion of the class.

Upcoming sessions already scheduled are:
Nov 13th – Patriot Payroll Update Review for Clerks and Human Resources
Nov 20th – Municipal Year End for Cities
Nov 27th – Patriot DMS for Register of Deeds
Dec 4th – Patriot Financial Management Year End for Clerks
Dec 11th – Patriot Financial Management Year End for Treasurers
Dec 18th – Patriot Payroll Year End for Clerks and Human Resources

New Computer Guidelines & Software Updates

Getting a new computer in your office can be a stressful time. You probably will experience a lot of changes after installation. When you are getting a new computer in your office, please make note of the following:

1. Make sure that you have contacted Dave or Leann to let them know approximately when the computer will be installed. This is especially critical if the computer being replaced is acting as your server or if it is being used to do electronic filing to the DMV for Municipal Court. Software will need to be moved and setup to make sure that it works correctly. Although the person doing your computer installation will probably move the files, make sure that we have had a chance to get in and make sure that everything looks correct before you start using it. A few minutes spent checking over a new install can save some headaches later.

2. If you are looking into getting a new computer, we recommend specifying Windows 7 for your operating system when ordering. Although Windows 8 has come out, and we have tested our software on Windows 8, you will have a much larger learning curve with your new computer. There are simply more people in the world who know Windows 7 and it will be a much easier transition from Windows XP than going to Windows 8.
We are in the process of updating Utility Billing and Court reporting for all customers. The Court Reporting updates will be the first set to get us to the changes that the State DMV are making to the Driver’s License software. At this point, the State has not set a date for the change to the new electronic reporting, but these updates will help us get ready for those changes. We will also be following up at year end with updates to Budgetary Accounting and Payroll