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From the Desk of Travis Rozean

Thank you to all that were able to attend our annual Kansas User Conference. With budgets tightening, we know it was a challenge to join us! We received good feedback and will use that feedback to make future conferences better.

The conference marked the kickoff of establishing Advisory Councils for our Traditional County software solutions along with our new Aumentum solutions. The Traditional County software solutions consist of our Patriot, CountyWorks, eGov, GIS, and other long standing solutions. The Aumentum solutions consist of Windows based taxation solutions from Thomson Reuters toward which many Counties are choosing to move. We recruited 14 people to the Aumentum membership board and 11 to the Kansas Traditional membership board. If you hold an interest in becoming a board member or would like to attend the meetings, please email me at You don’t have to be a voting member to join the meetings by conference call. In addition, feel free to email me prior to the meetings with items you would like the board to discuss.

These councils revolve around you and will eventually be led by you. They will be used to give us guidance on what you feel is important. They also allow you to discuss your interests and priorities with other people using the same software. The councils will become the number one way for us to understand what you want from the software and will be a vital part in shaping our software.

Our first Aumentum Advisory Council meeting will be held in Lawrence on August 22nd from 10am to 3pm. The first Kansas Traditional Advisory Council meeting will be held in Wichita on September 5th from 10am to 3pm. Again, please email me if you are interested and I will forward you the conference call information.

On another note, as of July 1st we officially transitioned to the Thomson Reuters brand. So when you see the name “Thomson Reuters” come across your desk or land in your inbox, please know that it is us!

With Thomson Reuters, you can expect us to continue to grow while putting our customer first. We pride ourselves on this and will continue to work hard at maintaining a high quality customer service level. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Talk to you next quarter!

Travis Rozean
Dir. of Ops. for KS, TX, & GIS
Tax & Accounting, Government


City Corner
Save reports to PDF or XPS format in Access

One of the new features available in Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010 (you have upgraded to Access 2007 or 2010, haven’t you?) is the ability to save your reports as a PDF or XPS file on your hard drive or server. This allows for report archiving and will let you reprint a report that has been lost or allow you to send reports to auditors. However, this is not the same as exporting the report to Excel. When you export to Excel or another spreadsheet program, you get the data but not the formatting. With PDF or XPS, you get the report as it would look printed out, but you restrict the ability to get the data from it for additional sorting or formatting in a spreadsheet program. There are programs that can be purchased that can extract the data from a PDF file if you desire.

To start the process of saving your reports, you need to decide where to store them. Create a folder or folders on your server or PC that will contain the saved reports. You can use one folder or multiple folders (like one for each application or month) and keep them backed up to CD or DVD for future reference. To save your report, open the report in any of the City programs like you would if you were going to print it. In this “preview” mode, you will see a button at the top in the toolbar that says “PDF or XPS”. When you click on this, a window will open that will allow you to navigate to the place where you are saving the reports. You will most likely choose to save the file as a PDF file instead of XPS, click on the Standard radio button so you can get the best quality, and name it something meaningful like “Sales Tax Report July 2012” or “Payroll Journal 06-24-2012”. We recommend naming the report similar to its printed name and also putting a date in the name. This will allow you to easily locate it later. Click the Publish button. Access will open the report in the Adobe reader or in whatever program you are using to view PDF files, and will open a window allowing you to save the export steps. You can close both windows after viewing the PDF. You can navigate to the folder where you placed this PDF copy of your report to make sure that it is there and to view it again if you like. Then you can close the print preview of the report in Access.

You can incorporate saving the reports as PDF in your regular routine on any of the reports or printouts that our programs produce. For example, you can save a copy of your Utility Bills before printing them so you can later retrieve a bill. Or you can save a Payroll Journal before printing so you can later see the pays and deductions to employees.
You can save as PDF or XPS, but we recommend PDF. It has been around longer and is a more common file than XPS. XPS is a Microsoft specific file type that has the same functionality as a PDF file. There are some technical differences, but PDF will be a file that can be viewed by more people and a standard that has lasted for years.

WELCOME City of Severy as our newest Municipal Software Customer!

Geary County Contracts with Thomson Reuters for Aumentum Recorder Solution

We are very proud to announce that Geary County, Kansas has selected Thomson Reuters Aumentum Recorder as their document management software solution. They become Thomson Reuter’s sixth client in Kansas to implement the Aumentum Recorder Solution in the Register of Deeds office.

About Aumentum: Aumentum is Thomson Reuters fully integrated property management suite of software designed to manage and support the entire property life cycle, which includes deed recording, land records, GIS (Geographic Information System) integration, valuation, assessment administration, personal property, business licenses, cashiering, tax billing and collection, delinquents and tax sales, and e-government. Thomson Reuters Aumentum automates the operational, information and planning needs for Assessors, Auditors, Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Recorders and other state and local governmental officials so that they can completely, fairly and efficiently assess real and personal property and bill and collect the related property taxes in their jurisdictions. More on this product is available at


We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent questions that we receive in regard to the MOVRS interface to Patriot MV and Patriot Lienholder / License Tag / Antiques.

A: Generally it is truly missing from the data extracted by MOVRS. If you have good information, document it & send the extract file to DMV so they can see why it was excluded. They often are able to fix the extract service a couple days later to handle future situations like that one.

A: Generally it is reported incorrectly in the extract. Again, document it & send it on for future correction by DMV.

A: The web service is down for some reason. Try again later or contact DMV.

A: Verify that the Output Directory field has the mapped drive\import\MOVRS in it. If it does, then reconnect the mapped network drive by going into My Computer and clicking on the drive mapped to PATRIOT or remap the mapped network drive to PATRIOT

Tuesday Tips Webinars

Beginning Tuesday, August 14th we will be offering a one hour webinar each Tuesday morning on various topics and applications. Subject matter will be offered for Patriot, CountyWorks and Municipal customers. We will drill down into specific subject matter and processes. These sessions can serve as both a refresher for current staff as well as training for new employees in your office.

By giving us just one hour of your time each week, our goal is to assist you with your daily processes and ease of use in regard to our applications.

The topics offered each week will be posted in the EDUCATION section of our Connexion page and can be accessed by going to To access the education schedule, go to TAX>KANSAS>INFINITEC. Click on the EDUCATION tab to view the schedule and topics. This is also where you will find the link to access the webinar as well as the call in number for the audio portion of the session.

Upcoming Sessions:
Aug 14th -PATRIOT Clerk-Tax Special Assessments: How to enter/edit special assessments including how to import from a Excel spreadsheet.

Aug 21st -PATRIOT Clerk/Treasurer/Appraiser PDF: How to create PDF reports and use the new Set Default Printer screen.

Aug 28th – PATRIOT Treasurer Tax Redemptions: How to generate Real Estate Redemptions.

Everything You Need To Know About Us is on Connexion!

With the recent Transition to the Thomson Reuters website, our pages for Kansas customers have been transitioned to the Connexion site. Many of you are already utilizing the Connexion site for accessing documentation and logging support calls. It now becomes your one stop location for all information pertaining to Patriot, CountyWorks and Municipal products.

Once you login to Connexion, go to TAX>KANSAS and select the area that pertains to you. Please note that any information that pertains to all of you will always be located under the INFINITEC section. This is where you will now find the EDUCATION tab showing all of our upcoming webinar training offerings.

If you have not yet registered for a Connexion login and password, please do so and begin taking advantage of the valuable information it provides. Visit the site today at

We’ll See You There!
Stop by and visit our booth at these upcoming Fall Conferences:

Kansas Association for Court Management: September 27-28
Kansas County Officials Association: September 12-14
Kansas Association of Mappers: October 15-18