GRM News – Ohio Winter 2012

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum, Newsletters, Resources December 10, 2012

From the Desk of Treva Bitler

We have exciting news on the Ohio front as we have signed our first Ohio client to Aumentum. Delaware County has officially signed to move from MVP to Aumentum Tax and Aumentum Valuation. This project is still is in infant phases but this has launched the movement of getting Aumentum into the Ohio Market. We welcome and are extremely proud to have the continued support of Delaware County and look forward to the implementation into Aumentum.

Your Thomson Reuters MVP Ohio staff has been hard at work in the last couple of months answering your support calls and preparing for the Fall release of MVP. In preparation of this release we held a couple of OMAC meetings to decide on the enhancements that would be in the next release. A huge thanks to the OMAC Members and everyone who has participated in these meetings. I think the meetings are very productive and help decide on enhancements that will help make each and every one of your jobs easier. Please join us for our next meeting which will be at the beginning of the new year.

Most of us have seen our first snow, which means we will soon be getting ready for tax calculations and 1st half billing for 2013. How the time flies. As we head into winter and this busy time, please remember we are here to support you. Call or contact us through e-mail still using the e-mail address. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Treasurer and Auditor’s conferences in Columbus.

Treva Bitler, Director, Operations


Missing Homestead Summary Allocations Report
By Dave McCarty, Technical Consultant

A good tool to use before tax calculation for verifying parcels on the Homestead 2 ½% programs is the “Missing Homestead Summary Allocations” report.

This report looks at parcels that are on the program, via Real Property Maintenance,and the allocations set inFinal Value Conclusion. This is especially important during reappraisal and update years because of the use of the Mass Apply program in MVP. During this process parcel values are updated without the user being able to see the promote and apply process actually taking place.

If the county is seeing an abundance of parcels that are on the program and do not have allocations set, they may need to reevaluate their Auto Allocation setup in County Parameter.

For any assistance with this report, or setup for Auto Allocation, please contact your support analyst.


MVP Version 03.12.5XX
By Nicole Severance , Sr. Lead Applications Support Analyst

Well, it is that time of year again. Time for our new release of MVP software, version 03.12.5xx, that will offer many new enhancements. Your OMAC committee has been hard at work and has voted eleven new items into the fall release.

Some highlights are the ability to print batch PRC cards to individual pdf files, payment history information is now retained when escrow accounts are deleted, printing the delinquent tax payer report as of a certain payment date, adding multiple owner information to the internet extract, and adding a notes section to the special assessment unit maintenance screen. These are just a few of the items that were decided on in the OMAC committee meetings.

Some other notable items include; adding the ability to generate fixed spa files from MVP data, adding two new transaction codes for importing OCR files as well as many report updates and help file changes. These are only a small sampling of all the things to come so please be sure and read your release notes for all the latest corrections and enhancements.


MVP Rates and Tax Calculation
By Liz Howard, Sr. Lead Applications Support Analyst

The leaves have fallen from the trees, the temperature has dropped, the time has fallen back and the Elections are complete. As if that was not enough it is now time to receive tax rates from the State, enter them into MVP and then calculate taxes for the 2012 pay 2013 tax year.
There are two options for entering your Tax Rates into MVP:

•Use the Import – Go Menu>Distribution>Tax Sets
•Enter them manually. If you have made any changes to your Tax Set, Unit or Fund descriptions then you will have to enter them manually otherwise it will create duplicates.
Once have entered and verified your rates then you will proceed with the calculation of Real and Manufactured Home taxes. Special Assessments can be calculated once maintenance is complete or at the time of Real Estate tax calculation.

To assist with resolving any issues with tax calculation we recommend that you run the following reports:

•Missing Homestead Summary Allocations Report – Go Menu>CAMA>Reports
•Spa Detail Report – Go Menu>Reports>Special Assessments
•Adder/Remitter Report – Go Menu>Reports>Adjustment Reports
•Summary of Charge – Go Menu>Treas Maint&Process>Mass Billing Control
•Spa Detail Report – Go Menu>Reports>Special Assessments
•Summary of Charge – Go Menu>Treas Maint&Process>Mass Billing Control
More detailed documentation on these processes can be located on our Aumentum Customer Connexion site –, under MVP Ohio Downloads>Documents>MVP Tax>Tax Documentation.

Please continue to submit all issues via the helpdesk and an analyst will contact you as soon as possible.


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