Gwinnett County: Public Access

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 12, 2012

In 2005, Gwinnett County, Georgia, was the first county in the nation to replace their legacy system with a fully integrated Aumentum system—Aumentum ProVal (CAMA), Aumentum Tax and Aumentum Records.

At that time, the County Tax Commissioner’s office did not replace their public website used to provide their constituency online access to County information.


According to Richard Steele, Gwinnett County’s Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner, their old website was inadequate to meet the Tax Commissioner’s needs. “We needed more flexibility than what our old system was able to provide,” said Steele. “We wanted to deliver—as close as possible—real-time information to our constituents, while allowing them to access that information quickly and easily. Our system could do neither. In addition,” he continued, “making content changes to our system was cumbersome and took too much time.”

THE SOLUTION: Aumentum Public Access

After taking a in-depth look at the Aumentum Public Access solution the Tax Commissioner decided to move ahead with the installation and deployment of the system. “We decided to change to the Public Access solution because it provides the kind of features and benefits that we wanted to have,” said Steele. “It had the capability to help us increase our overall level of service to the public, allow constituents to access tax information and make payments through the system’s e-commerce feature, while providing us the tools to easily make changes to content.”

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