Impact in Egypt

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 11, 2012

Many governments around the world have processes and legal frameworks that address how rights and responsibilities are transferred, but they lack automated, efficient and streamlined methods for handling land administration business processes. The need for digitizing paper records, streamlining registry processes and reducing organizational bottlenecks requires innovative methods and approaches.

Patterns & Explanation of Offering

Aumentum Registry™ registry and recording allows land registry offices, at the local or national level, to automate and manage formal land registration processes through a workflow-driven, enterprise level software system. Our customers worldwide attribute their success to innovative methods that focus on procedures that are based on industry best practices. These solutions help you to secure critical records, enhance customer service and increase operational efficiency.

Case Study

Impact in Egypt

As part of a major initiative to establish a modern property registration system capable of supporting mortgage financing in Egypt, Thomson Reuters helped improve the operations of urban property registration systems covering 16 million properties. Through advisory inputs from Thomson Reuters, Egypt has seen a reduction in the number of days to register property down from 193 days to 74 days in 2008. Registration costs have also been reduced from 7% to 0.9% with assistance from Thomson Reuters, contributing to Egypt’s status as the world’s top reformer according to the World Bank Doing Business Report.