Jamaica Transforms Government Services with Automated Land Registration

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 12, 2012

More than a decade ago, Jamaica embarked on a bold plan to change the way its government operated. It transformed several official departments into executive agencies that function with some of the autonomy and many of the expectations of private-sector businesses. Their goals are to streamline operations, reduce government costs and improve services delivered to Jamaican citizens.

“It had become expected to receive poor service in a government office,” said Elizabeth Stair, CEO of the National Land Agency (NLA) of Jamaica. Today, however, customer service has become one of the key metrics in measuring government performance in the Caribbean nation, she explained.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011, the NLA may be one of the best examples of the Jamaican government’s administrative renaissance and shift toward better governance. Among its many responsibilities, the NLA was tasked with managing Crown Lands more effectively and making land registration more accessible.

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