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Megan Wierenga Aumentum, Newsletters, Resources June 25, 2013

T1 Nebraska – Future Plans

Just wanted to touch base with everyone and discuss our plans for the year. Currently we are looking at sending two releases this year. The first will be in the next month or so and will just be a push of files to fix issues that have come up since November of last year. For this we will log on to each counties server and send the files. Second will be a release disk that will be sent prior to CTL, likely around early October. This will include any new business or issues that were not addressed in the first release. Each release will include a list of changes made.

Before the second release, sometime in early July we will be sending out a survey for any issues we currently have marked as needing to go to the user group. If you have any issues you’d like to have discussed please let us know prior to June 15th so that we have plenty of time to research the issues before putting them on the survey. Or if you have any new or old issues you’d like to discuss with support, we are always happy to answer any questions at any time.

T1 – Marshall & Swift Costs

The 2013 Marshall & Swift Cost files are now ready! You will be receiving an email informing you of the procedures for requesting the cost file as well as the Cost Policy Supplement and Policies and Procedures Document. Once we have received your request we will place the file on your server and send you a set of instructions for importing these costs. Please be sure to check your email inbox and junk mail to be sure that you received it. If your email address has changed please contact so that we may update our records.

T1 – Update of Taxpayer Name and Address

During the year the Assessors and Treasurers offices receive updates and changes to the names and addresses stored within the TerraScan system. From time to time we get questions around how this part of the system functionality works. So here is a little background.

The statement file address updates only in one of two ways:

1. When the statement roll is created by the assessor and fed to the treasurer, the master name and address file / parcel file / statement file are all updated to the same information.
2. The statement file address can be updated independently through the year so that if a second half statements or other notice are needed it can be generated for the new address.

Please note that when the parcel file address is updated it does not feed to the statement file address. The reason for this is the statement address is considered a historic record for the year. That way the treasurer’s office has a record of the way that the statement is sent out regardless of the changes that occurred during the year. If a separate change is made to the statements file address an edit log is created and you will have a record of the date and exact change made to the file so that they can again prove where things were sent.

Our best practice suggestion is that the respective Assessor and Treasurers office keep a list of the name and address changes that they complete on their respective sides of the system and provide that information to the other office on a routine schedule. That way both side of the system will remain in relatively consistent condition throughout the year.

Employee Spotlight

Bonnie Troutt, Applications Support Analyst, has been with the company for 3 and a half years. Her main area of focus is the T2 Treasurer Support. She is currently also doing the treasurer conversions from T1 to T2 for the state of Washington.

Bonnie enjoys a good challenge including troubleshooting, searching for clues related to bugs or data anomalies and why something doesn’t balance when it should. While Bonnie spends around 60 hours a week on the computer, in her spare time she likes to travel, especially to tropical areas and historic places. She can’t live without her family, music, travel, seafood…and of course dark chocolate.