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Megan Wierenga Aumentum, Newsletters March 26, 2013

Purge File Groups T1

Purging File Groups allows you to clear the deleted records out of the program for several files in one click. This process will save you time so that you do not need to select each associated file individually in the File Maintenance Utility. To purge file groups from the main menu select Program Maintenance, TerraScan File Maintenance, Purge File Groups. Then select the group you wish to purge: Working Files, Historic files, Sales Files, Taxing Authority Files or Cost Tables. It is suggested to use the Purge Working Files option prior to Deleting Orphaned Records to ensure maximum efficiency. You will need to make sure all users are out of the TerraScan program in order for the files to be purged.

Correctly Entering a Cabin in T1

When entering residence type 6 Cabins in TerraScan you may sometimes encounter red errors. There are fields on the Building Data page that are very data specific. When it comes to Cabins there are only certain Quality, Exterior Wall, and Style combinations that calculate a successful cost. The only valid styles for type 6 are 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. Styles 12, 13, and 16 can only have an exterior wall of 20 or 21 and a quality of 30. The styles 14 and 15 have an exterior wall of 2 and quality of 30. Leaving styles 17-19 that have an exterior wall of 12 and can have a quality from fair through excellent. You cannot have a second style set on type 6 residences, nor can you have the Fixtures field filled in. Plumbing is already calculated into the cabin costs and is hard coded. Therefore, adding fixtures will result in errors on the Marshall & Swift Cost Valuation page. The same is true of the Slab Area field. Some of the building data fields, if filled in, will not result in an error and they also will not adjust the cost if there are not adjustments available, such is true of the basement area and finishes as cabins generally do not have basements.

Assigning a Public Tax Sale Certificate to a New Owner

Recently we have had a situation within NE where an active Tax Sale Purchaser has sold a number of certificates to another entity. Please find below the quick method for assigning the Tax Sale Certificate to the new entity.

1. Add the new purchaser information into the Tax Sale Certificate Purchasers Table if that information is not already there.

2. Verify that a template has been sent up in the Misc. Receipts Table to assign the fund and function process to the correct locations of any assignment fees received. (# 3 – Other – # 1 Misc Receipts – Tools – Template Table)
a. If the template is not currently there – select the blank piece of paper to add the information to the system and save. This template allows the system to complete the information on the misc receipt.

3. From the Certificate file (#1 – Property Tax file – # 4 – Certificate File – Find – Parcel #/Certificate#/etc. to locate the parcel that needs to be updated.

a. Select Tools – Assign Certificate
b. Add the Purchaser ID for the new owner of the certificate
c. Add the date of the change
d. Select yes or no to Charge Assignment Fee.
i. If you select yes – the system will create a Misc. Receipt with the fund and function information as displayed in the template referenced in item 2 above.
ii. No will take you back to the certificate displaying the new Purchaser information
e. The Certificate file should now show the name and information of the new purchaser.
f. Select File – Print – Original Certificate.
i. This will generate a new certificate with the original date and amount information but will show the name of the new purchaser.

** Should no template be set up in the system, the Misc Receipt will print without a fund/function and missing the dollar amount. You can edit the receipt from the Misc Receipts file to add this information as long as the receipt has not been posted.***

Marshall & Swift 2013 Cost File

The cost file for the 2013 Marshall & Swift costs will be released early this year due to the M&S Project Coordinator leaving for maternity in July. We will be updating costs based on the updates received from Marshall & Swift dated July of 2012 through late April early May 2013 instead of June 2013 and plan to release the costs in late June.

Disbursement Checks

Were you aware that you can cut Disbursement checks directly from TerraScan T1?

Disbursement checks are used to disburse monies collected by the treasurer as required by state statute. Some examples of where this revenue might be distributed to are:

• Refund of motor vehicle taxes
• Disbursement of monies to school districts
• Refund for overpayment of taxes
• Reimbursement to the state for motor vehicle and miscellaneous fees collected

This functionality can be used to create one time checks or reoccurring payments. In the example of a reoccurring payment, you can create the Disbursement Entity information within the system, print to your check stock within your office and mail these checks directly to the entity. This information will them be saved in the system for use again next month.

During the entity set up process the fund/subfund selects are added to the record so that at month end you will be able to post this information directly to your revenue interface and have the proper fund balances updated accordingly.

You will have the ability to create detailed check register reports for balancing and check reconciliation actions.

For more details on how this process can be used to save your office time and effort, please look on the documentation website for the Disbursement check procedures.

To Recalculate, or Not Recalculate? That is the question.

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The stresses and strains from miscalculation of values,
Or to take precautions to prevent them,
And by recalculating end them.

And for those who are not Shakespeare fans:

Recalculating values in both T1 and T2
Is not a process that should weigh on a troubled mind,
It is a function that just may
Clear up issues that the program finds.
Any time you make changes to a table
Recalculate your records as soon as you are able!
To avoid this simple and helpful task
May cause you trouble down the appraisal path.
“Why did my values change? All I did was change a date!?”
Because when you go into Edit Mode, it also recalculates.
So remember this, all our fine T1 and T2 friends,
Recalculate is not the same as Revaluate…The End.

Employee Spotlight

Darlene Smith – Applications Support Analyst

Darlene Smith has worked with TerraScan since May of 2011. Her main focus is assisting the Treasurers in Nebraska and Washington State on the T1 program. She has also taken the reigns as Project Manager for the conversion of the state of South Dakota to the ProVal software. Darlene spends roughly 45 hours a week on the computer in the office and an additional 10 hours outside of that.

Most people probably don’t know that Darlene was once the lead singer in a band and has performed on stage in Vegas! She owned and rode a motorcycle and seriously considered getting a tattoo. However, after meeting an 80-year-old woman that had one, she decided it could be seriously wrong in the future.

Darlene is an avid reader and will read just about anything. She has all the works of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One of her current favorite authors is Clive Cussler; she loves the Dirk Pitt series of books. There is a tie between” Holiday Inn”, “White Christmas”, and “Sabrina” (1954 Bogy/Hepburn version) for movies. She says she can’t live in Nebraska and not love the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. She doesn’t really have a favorite TV show, but can tell you she severely dislikes reality TV. Absolutely no “Honey Boo Boo” or “Gator Boys” in her house!