Transfer Pricing Highlights – June 2014

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Newsletters, ONESOURCE June 3, 2014


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What’s New 

IRS, United Nations Comment on the Latest Developments in Transfer Pricing for Developing Nations

Practitioners from the IRS, U.N., and Mexican Tax Administrative Services shared insights on the latest transfer pricing trends, for developing nations in particular, at the first Transfer Pricing Innovation Forum on June 10 in New York City.

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Marzen: Tax Court upholds transfer pricing adjustments

Marzen Artistic Aluminum manufactured windows in Canada and originally had its US distribution affiliate sell them to US customers, with the US affiliate receiving a gross margin equal to 18 percent.  In 1999, the gross margin was increased to 25 percent and paid not to the US affiliate but to a Barbados subsidiary.  The Canadian Revenue Agency was successful in challenging the new transfer pricing arrangement in part because the taxpayer failed to provide a convincing rationale for the change.

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Multistate Group Divided Over Joint Audits, Seeks to Share Costs of Economic Analyses

Several states are discussing ways to coordinate their transfer pricing enforcement efforts.

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Canadian Court Rejects Attempt to Block Review of Penalties in Transfer Pricing Case

Sifto is a producer of rock salt in Canada with some of its products being sold to its US distribution affiliate. Sifto, through a voluntary disclosure program, had petitioned to increase the intercompany price paid by the US distribution affiliate to the Canadian manufacturing affiliate.  While Sifto believed that the two tax authorities had agreed upon the revised transfer pricing position and that no penalty should attach, the Canadian Revenue Agency continues to assert a transfer pricing penalty is due.

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Three Investigations on Transfer Pricing Arrangements

The European Commission is investigating whether three particular transfer pricing rulings by three members of the EU are such aggressive stances in terms of profit shifting as to be considered state aid.

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Ask a Transfer Pricing Expert

Question: In the recent Canadian Tax Court decision involving Marzen Artistic Aluminum, I noticed that the US distribution affiliate incurred significant operating losses in 1998 when its operating margin was 18 percent but the distributor of records over the next three years enjoyed very high operating margins when the gross margin was raised to 25 percent. The issue seems to be that operating expenses relative to sales dropped rapidly after 1998. In such situations, how would one reliably establish a reasonable gross margin for the distribution affiliate?

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