Orangeburg County

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 12, 2012

Orangeburg County, an All-America County winner, strives to provide the best services possible for residents and visitors. The County is located in central South Carolina and has a population of approximately 90,000 people and 66,000 land parcels. County services are administered from offices located in the city of Orangeburg.


In 2008, the Orangeburg County tax assessor’s office faced the reality that its legacy property tax-management software was reaching end-of-life status. In order to ensure continuity of public services and to take advantage of new and up-to-date technology, County Tax Assessor Jim McLean considered replacement solutions.

Thomson Reuters had provided support for the current system, which was a former Sabre solution that Thomson Reuters had acquired in the 1990s. With this established relationship, the County felt comfortable moving forward with an upgrade to a Thomson Reuters Aumentum solution.

“We fully trusted Thomson Reuters based on the support and expertise they provided on the Sabre system and felt converting to a new system on our own or with another solution provider would be risky,” McLean said. “We also faced a deadline to deploy a new reassessment solution before the state of South Carolina enacted a property tax capping bill.”

The bill, known as Act 388, greatly impacted the way the County conducts tax management by placing a limit on property value increases during reassessments. “We needed to deploy a system that would handle the new rules correctly, and it would have become a major challenge to maintain the system using manual processes or spreadsheets in future years,” McLean said.

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