Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 12, 2012

County assessing officials across the globe continually seek better ways to provide their jurisdictions with the most accurate assessments using the most equitable means possible. Yet, the
integration of a resourceful software system with Thomson Reuters Aumentum CAMA technologies offers a solution for insuring accurate data collection so that no property owners pays less taxes or more taxes than they should.

By adding Pictometry— a Thomson Reuters business partner—to their Aumentum CAMA systems, Thomson Reuters clients are easily identifying new and improved properties which in the past may have been difficult to accurately assess because of manmade obstructions such as fences, closed gates, and other visual limitations. In the process, the system is a tool in providing additional revenues for their jurisdictions.

“Using Aumentum customCAMA with Pictometry we can see just about everything, everywhere,” said Jack Flenniken, Director of Residential Valuation for Hillsborough County, Florida. “We’ve been able to find properties or improvements that previously were virtually impossible to see because of inaccessibility and obstructions. Pictometry gives us all the images and measurements and Aumentum customCAMA does the rest.”

Rob Turner, Hillsborough’s Property Appraiser, agreed. “From the start, Aumentum customCAMA has been a very effective and thorough system for our county,” he said. “Now, with the integration of Pictometry we’ve been able to save time and money by reducing the number of site visits, while at the same time we have added more than six million dollars in valuation to our assessment rolls. The process of integration of Pictometry into our Thomson Reuters system was very easy, giving us a very powerful tool in our ongoing effort to accurately and fairly assess all of our county’s properties, assuming officials know that accurate data collection can be expensive. But this methodology is both accurate and affordable.”

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