Tarrant County

Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Aumentum Case Studies, Case Studies Archives, Resources December 12, 2012

Tarrant County is one of the fastest growing urban counties in the United States. Its largest city Fort Worth, serves as the county seat to a countywide population of close to two million.

The official “keeper” of records for Tarrant is the County Clerk’s office, where 142 staff members manage 40,000 new case filings each year and record over 450,000 land records and business documents annually. This office’s extremely demanding business environment has recently become even more so due to the land rush created by the Barnett Shale—estimated to contain one of the largest producible reserves of onshore natural gas in the United States.


“Here in Tarrant County we are reaping the benefits of the Barnett Shale,” said Georgia Cartwright, project manager with the County Clerk’s office. “So we’ve had an upsurge in requests for services mainly in the areas of mineral research and title searches.” According to Cartwright, the problem Tarrant encountered in servicing many of these request was caused by a 25 year window—1942 to 1967—of documents available only as Photostats. “Those long-ago set-aside deeds, deed of trusts, mechanics liens, bill of sales and other warehoused documents were suddenly in the forefront of everyone’s mind and those documents were needed immediately,” added Cartwright. “All of the County’s documents were quickly available through the Aumentum Recorder system from Thomson Reuters except for the 1.7 million documents represented by that window. We needed to have them backfiled, indexed and integrated into our Aumentum Recording system in order to provide more accurate and faster service to our constituents.”

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