This virtual instructor-led class is intended to provide you with a greater understanding of how to locally troubleshoot common issues that may occur while using ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination. Topics include troubleshooting tips, walkthroughs of how to solve some of the more common issues, and a discussion of the resources available to help. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

– Detail the local support process flow. 
– Illustrate how to solve a common troubleshooting issue that may occur while using determination. 
– Describe at least two best practices to use when working through issues locally. 
– List at least two resources that can help you troubleshoot issues. 

PREREQUISITE: Basic knowledge of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination. Concepts in this course are also covered in the full-day Advanced Determination Software Training 

This course is eligible for CPE Credit. 

Class Fees: $300 per person 

Accepted Payment Method: 
All Major credit cards accepted. Once registered you will be contacted by Thomson Reuters for your card information and a confirmation email with login information will be emailed to you.