Operational Transfer PricingAn innovative big data solution to analyze and monitor your intercompany transactions

Real-time transfer pricing analysis

There’s no question that tax professionals worldwide are experiencing increased pressure when it comes to global tax reporting. Lack of controls, manual processes, cost inefficiencies, security, and reputation continue to be top challenges when it comes to operational transfer pricing. These challenges have many global companies reevaluating their transfer pricing data management and processes.

Transfer pricing brings a fundamental tax focus to intercompany transactions and impacts tax, finance/accounting, IT, and customs teams in every region, each with their own priorities. Ultimately, CFOs in most global companies now consider operational transfer pricing a strategic issue, with critical risks and opportunities that need to be managed to avoid endless hours under audit, lost deductions, double taxation, and more.

How is your organization dealing with data, risk, and efficiency throughout the transfer pricing life cycle?

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Operational Transfer Pricing is a groundbreaking technology that makes it possible for you to actively deal with transfer pricing volatility by managing data, mitigating risk, and increasing efficiency.

Stay ahead with ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing

Solve the challenges of operational transfer pricing by:

  • Centralizing and standardizing the application of your transfer pricing policies
  • Processing millions of records to produce functional, detailed analysis in minutes, not weeks
  • Automating allocations and transactions to support informed decision making at all levels
  • Tracking specific record changes over time with audit trails for full transparency and traceability
  • Tracing final allocations back to source data, including all intermediate steps and calculations
  • Managing the entire transfer pricing process with workflow tools that allow for sign-off of critical steps
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Evaluating a Solution

Considering technology to improve your operational transfer pricing process? Check out the following infographic of 5 best practices to consider, based on feedback shared by some customers of ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing.

Best Practices Infographic PDF - 1.12mb

Case Study


Leading information management solutions company, Veritas, gains greater control of its operational transfer pricing, country-by-country reporting, and transfer pricing processes using Thomson Reuters suite of dedicated ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing solutions.

Veritas Case Study PDF - 1.7mb