Accounting CS Payroll and Time Rack Introduce New Bi-Directional Integration

October 17, 2013
Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting

Accounting CS iconThe Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters has introduced new bi-directional integration between its market-leading Accounting CS Payroll software solution and the Time Rack time, attendance, and human resources solution.

Available now at no additional charge to users of cloud-based or locally installed Accounting CS Payroll and Time Rack, and to firm clients who process payroll using the myPay Solutions payroll service, the new functionality automatically shares data between Time Rack and Accounting CS Payroll in real time. This eliminates the need to manually sync data, reduces manual data entry, and ensures that information stays up to date.

The new functionality ensures that time data, new employees, pay rate changes, and other information stays accurate in both systems. It also creates new ways to automate the payroll process, including the ability to automatically create paychecks in Accounting CS Payroll using time clock data shared from Time Rack.

Scott Fleszar, vice president of strategic marketing, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters, said the new capabilities will enable tax and accounting professionals to provide better service in less time, improve accuracy, and offer services that go beyond basic payroll compliance. He said the new integration will enable users of Accounting CS Payroll and Time Rack to offer a more unified, more sophisticated human resources and payroll system that shares information automatically and makes firm and client processes smoother and more efficient.

“I’m really pleased that our preferred partner relationship with Time Rack has enabled us to put the pieces of HR and payroll processing together into one integrated system. It wasn’t long ago that only the big service bureaus could offer this level of sophistication to their clients,” he said. “Today’s practitioners need a connected solution for time & attendance, human resources, and payroll software, and this new integration has enabled us to offer just that.”

Accounting CS Payroll is a complete, automated payroll solution that offers calculating payroll, an automated setup process, comprehensive compliance, and full integration with the rest of the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite®. More information is available at

Time Rack provides a complete time and attendance solution for all businesses in a wide variety of industries. It is designed for clients of firms that use myPay Solutions, Accounting CS Payroll, and Payroll CS. Time Rack features a human resources module, mobile apps, web-based and traditional time clocks, and scheduling and document control systems, all integrated with Thomson Reuters payroll products and services. More information is available at

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