Thomson Reuters Ideas Community Sees Record Membership Increase in 2013

December 18, 2013
Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting

Ideas Community2013 was a record year for the Thomson Reuters Ideas Community, an online system that collects and tracks user suggestions for the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite®. Membership in the community grew by 264%, from 1,136 users at the end of 2012 to 2,963 members year-to-date. Thomson Reuters also completed a record number of Ideas Community ideas in 2013, with 178 ideas completed. A total of 572 ideas have been completed since the community was first launched.

The Ideas Community enables Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite users to submit ideas online. They can also comment and vote on ideas submitted by other users. Users can track ideas through a three-stage process, starting with the review stage, when ideas are evaluated by the Thomson Reuters development team and selected for further evaluation. Next, the selected ideas go to the “In Progress” stage, when the development team begins the process of incorporating them into the software. Finally, they are marked “Complete” when a solution is implemented.

Senior technology director Frank Swierz said the popularity of the Ideas Community has made it an an increasingly important tool for interacting with customers and turning user suggestions into software enhancements and new functionality.

“User feedback has always been one of our most important resources, and the Ideas Community has given us a powerful way to put it into action,” he said. “It’s measurable, it’s transparent, and it has obviously struck a chord with our users. I know they enjoy seeing their ideas go through the process, and the information they’re providing has been incredibly helpful to our development team.”

Swierz said the Ideas Community has created a steady flow of new ideas that the development team follows closely to help prioritize new ideas and determine which features will benefit the most users. Its voting and feedback features make it a valuable resource for spotting trends and allocating resources.

The Ideas Community is the latest addition to the CS Professional Suite’s holistic user support system, which is designed to provide support and service to every customer at every stage of their relationship with Thomson Reuters. Other support resources include the CS Professional Suite support team, the ARNE Community, the Help & How-To Center, and a variety of other tools.

“Our users have always been able to provide input simply by picking up the phone and talking to us, and that isn’t going to change,” Swierz said. “But the Ideas Community makes it possible to have a larger conversation about the direction of new features, and it enables us to act on new ideas faster. It gives our users more power to help shape their software, and in turn maximize efficiency and grow their firms. And I think that’s really the ultimate goal for all of us.”

The Ideas Community is currently available to all users of UltraTax CS®, Accounting CS™ and Accounting CS Payroll, Workpapers CS™, Practice CS®, Web Builder CS®, and NetFirm CS™. Users can access the Ideas Community directly from the help screens of their applications. More information on the Ideas Community is available here.

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