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Broaden your services and move your firm forward with accounting software solutions

No matter what your area of business, the right workflow can make your job easier and your day more productive. For accountants, the right workflow can transform the productivity of your workday—and make your business more successful.

That’s what we want to provide to you. We have the accounting software and solutions that help you meet client needs, make your office run more efficiently, and ensure you keep up with the latest research and even your continuing education. Plus, we offer commentary and analysis from expert names you respect and trust.

Just ask our clients. The top 100 CPA firms in the U.S. rely on Checkpoint. More than 50,000 accountants and tax professionals use our CS Professional Suite. ONESOURCE is the leading tax management software for corporations, tax and accounting firms, financial institutions and more. Not to mention our other regional accounting software products that help tax professionals all over the world.

Like you, we know accounting. We understand what you need to run your business, and what you need to do to grow your business. And our accounting software products and information solutions are designed help you every step of the way. We also stay informed of the latest regulations and tax laws, inside and out. And that can help you provide the highest level of service—and the best results—for your clients. Be the solution to every growing client need. If you’re ready to increase the services you offer to your clients, consider a new piece of our software to help you do that—and do the hard work for you. Processing client payroll, for example, is an easy way to engage a client steadily year-round.

See how our accounting software solutions can help you:

  • Accounting

    CS Professional Suite offers integrated applications that cover every aspect of your firm’s operations. With Checkpoint, you’ll find all the answers to your tough accounting questions, access the workflow tools you need and get the latest news and online courses. Increase your business value and profit margins with products that help you engage, serve and keep clients with complex needs.

  • Auditing

    Improve your accounting workflow and perform engagements with maximum productivity and profitability, using our PPC products on Checkpoint like our SMART Practice Aids, as well as the powerful engagement tools from the CS Professional Suite and Enterprise Suite.

  • Learning & CPE Solutions

    Certification compliance is a snap when you arm yourself with the right tools. Develop your staff with the Checkpoint Learning platform plus exclusive industry events and webinars.

  • Document Management

    Designed specifically for accountants, our technology helps you organize all of your documents digitally to simplify workflow and ensure security.

  • Taxation for International, U.S. Federal, and State and Local Taxation

    The most comprehensive tax information available anywhere can be found on Checkpoint. Search by topic or by code and get straight to the answer you need. With Checkpoint, the leading online information source for tax and accounting professionals around the world, you have access to the most authoritative guidance out there. Our regional tax information is unmatched, even in the most complex tax regions. Plus get authoritative commentary from our RIA, WG&L and WorldTrade Executive experts, as well as others.

  • Payroll

    No matter how you choose to handle payroll, CS Professional Suite and Checkpoint can help you increase profits, strengthen existing client relationships and attract new clients.

  • Practice

    Manage every aspect of your business with ease with our PPC products on Checkpoint and our CS Professional Suite practice management software that centralizes your workflow and keeps you in control.

  • Tax & Asset Management

    Rely on professional tax and asset management software that’s designed for your needs. Our CS Professional Suite software helps you prepare more returns in less time and manage all of your assets with ease.

  • Mobile and Web Services

    Take your practice to the Web and have the flexibility to work anywhere at any time. Our web service Checkpoint is available for your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Take the news you need on the road with you with Thomson Reuters News & Insight. Or create a professional website, offer your clients advanced online services, get on-the-go access to key practice data, and enjoy the security and convenience of operating your business in the cloud with our CS Professional Suite mobile and web options.

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CS Professional Suite

Up the ante in your practice with a suite of software software designed with the accountant’s needs in mind. Our integrated workflow product can be customized for your firm to streamline your existing business and expand the services you offer. Find out more about the products relied on by more than 50,000 accountants and tax professionals.

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Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Research shouldn't feel like a scavenger hunt. The right combination of technology, information and expertise can make it seem more like a guided tour. Let us take you through the facts, opinion, news, and insights you need, using tools and technology that make your job easier. Ask all of the Top 100 U.S. CPA firms, 94 of the top 100 U.S. law firms and 95 of the Fortune 100 whom they trust for information. The answer is Checkpoint.

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ONESOURCE Firm Edition

With ONESOURCE Firm Edition, global accounting firms achieve greater efficiency through process standardization, data integration, improved transparency and collaboration across the tax lifecycle. Explore end-to-end tax process solutions for global accounting firms.


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