Checkpoint Advantages

See why all of the Top 100 U.S. CPA firms, 99 of the Fortune 100 and 97 of the Top 100 U.S. Law firms rely on Checkpoint as their information resource

Checkpoint Advantages

The revolutionary and easily searchable online resource where you’ll find editorial insight, source materials, productivity tools, online learning, breaking news and more — all in one place.

What you get with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

Checkpoint integrates comprehensive, authoritative content from our own experts with additional tools, well-known third-party content, primary source materials, news, online learning, and more – so you can do all your research in one place.

Top 10 Checkpoint Competitive Advantages

Top 10 Advantages

  1. Reach your answers faster with fully-integrated primary source materials and expert analysis for tax, audit and accounting, international trade, benefits and finance.
  2. Get the guidance you need from our RIA®, WG&L®, EBIA, Boskage, PPC® and WorldTrade Executive experts.
  3. Easily tailor our libraries to your needs — whether you do a lot of research or just a little.
  4. Search the way you think with Intuitive Search, which goes beyond keyword matching to truly understand what you are looking for – and deliver the best results, every time.
  5. Connect with tax software through integrated links with GoSystem® Tax RS, ONESOURCE®, UltraTax CS®, and e-Form® RS.
  6. Cut through your workload with access to timesaving Checkpoint Tools such as PPC’s SMART Practice Aids ®, PPC’s Workpapers and others.
  7. Keep up-to-date with the news on topics that affect you, in the format you choose, from our industry experts and our Reuters journalists.
  8. Always get the most up-to-date information: we update analysis in place, so you’ll never need to search in a separate place to find new laws, cases or rulings again.
  9. Stay connected while on the go with Checkpoint on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  10. Be assured you have the research and guidance, news, learning and tools you need to do more in less time!

Exclusive Features

These features are tax and accounting exclusives

  • We report more income, excise and estate and gift tax cases on Checkpoint, so the odds of finding that one case closest to your fact pattern greatly increase.
  • You’ll get editorially-enhanced Federal tax cases and IRS rulings, which include prior histories for cases or cautions for rulings, numbered headnotes by issue so that you can quickly locate the discussion in the full-text and links to all referenced source material carried on Checkpoint.
  • Our Citator 2nd helps you see not only any direction taken upon or by a case or ruling, but any later citations of the case or ruling — which are enhanced with our editorial evaluations, judicial histories including overruled by legislation, and Court Filter.
  • Link directly from a Code subsection to paragraph-specific analysis in our WG&L® treatises (which are regularly cited by the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court!).
  • Plus, you can use the New Law link to get from the Internal Revenue Code directly to the analysis of recent legislation that impacted a code section — and see pending legislation via our Bill Tracker.
  • Need history? Link to Prior Regulations and back again to Current Regulations — plus you’ll see not just how a Regulation appeared at the end of the year; you’ll also see each version of the Regulation since it was originally issued.
  • Take advantage of this unique feature for accounting research: Our Top Line Links take you between FASB pre-codification standards and the Codification to quickly see and compare all versions of a Regulation since issued, at a glance right in your sidebar.

More Features & Benefits


Exclusive trackers

Use Bill Tracker to easily see if there is a pending legislation pertaining to your search logic, or Citation Tracker to be notified when a document is cited by a new Federal tax case or IRS ruling/release.

Unique Create-a-Charts

Get immediate access to the most up-to-date tax and accounting information through interactive comparison charts featuring links to the controlling authority and detailed explanation paragraphs.

Efficient search tools

Dig deeper into your search with Search Within Results, or schedule searches you may need to run again in the future.

Split screen viewing

Toggle between the results of your search, or the Table of Contents, while keeping your document visible on the main screen.

Intuitive search

Search by citation, keyword, index or table of contents: all of these search methods are on one screen for easy access, and word search results are filtered by your subscribed databases.

Table of contents

Use a traditional book format, or go to the Table of Contents to search specific areas to localize you results even further.

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