Checkpoint Tools

Checkpoint Tools

Ensure quality and consistency, improve your tax or accounting workflow and perform engagements with maximum productivity and profitability.

Checkpoint Tools are easy-to-use accounting, auditing and tax resources that work with standard Microsoft Word® and Excel® or paperless engagement software. Use Checkpoint Tools individually or together for a complete end-to-end solution.

An End-to-End Set of Resources

Ensure quality and consistency, improve your tax or accounting workflow and perform engagements with maximum productivity and profitability with the most comprehensive set of resources available for specialized industry engagements. Checkpoint Tools cover your accounting, auditing and tax needs and include:

PPC’s Practice Aids

Simplify your audit and accounting or tax processes with editable Microsoft Word® and Excel® versions of all of the practice aids in the related PPC Guide or Deskbook. PPC’s Practice Aids feature more than 100 documents for every title and include checklists, worksheets, programs and letters for related PPC guides. Easily share key documents with clients to increase efficiency and client service — plus PPC’s Practice Aids are customizable for each unique engagement.

PPC’s SMART Practice Aids®

Amp up your PPC’s Practice Aids! These enhanced tools bring advanced functionality to your PPC’s Practice Aids for specialized industries. Tens of thousands of auditors nationwide rely on PPC’s SMART Practice Aids for expert-authored content and dynamic automation across an unparalleled breadth of industries, year after year in a way that is unmatched in the auditing industry. These products work alone or with all paperless engagement products and provide exclusive integration with AdvanceFlow, part of the CS Professional Suite from Thomson Reuters.

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PPC’s SMART Audit Suite Customer Testimonial: Evenhouse & Co., P.C.

Hear Tim Vande Werken, a Partner at Evenhouse & Co., P.C., describe how PPC’s SMART Audit Suite has become an asset to the firm – by cutting their disclosure checklist work in half for each engagement and more.

PPC’s Workpapers

Speed through your audit and accounting or tax work with PPC’s Workpapers. Featuring additional workpapers not available in the PPC Guides or Deskbooks, these Microsoft Excel®-based templates have advanced diagnostics, dynamically changing content and more automation.

PPC’s Interactive Disclosure Libraries

Featuring Microsoft ® versions of PPC’s popular Disclosure Checklists, these tools are linked to Microsoft Word®-based examples for each required disclosure. Easily filter hundreds of example disclosures to quickly find the right one for you.

PPC’s Engagement Letter Generator

This Microsoft Word®-based application covers all common audit, attest, compilation, review, tax and consulting engagements in a single product. Automated tools help you quickly tailor the letters to you engagement and format them for printing.

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Features & Benefits


No More Repetitive Tasks

Use the customizable templates we’ve created for your audit, accounting and tax tasks, supported by the PPC guidance in your subscription.

No More Manual Calculations

Built-in calculations minimize manual effort and possibility of error.

Improve Productivity and Profitability

Your staff’s time is spent on billable time rather than on creating spreadsheets and formulas. Productivity features include quick sign-offs, one-click links to content-specific licensed guidance on Checkpoint and the ability to share key documents with clients

Improve Efficiency, Quality and Consistency

No need to start from scratch or to train your staff: Microsoft Word® and Excel® templates backed by PPC guidance let you jump right in and start working.

Gain Accessibility to Online Resources

Everything you need is available from one single, integrated source, including the extensive content found on Checkpoint online.

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