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Editorial analysis from our RIA® experts and guidance from our renowned WG&L® authors provide the insight you need to confidently and accurately complete your research and stay on top of industry needs.

Research is in their name

Our RIA experts and products come from a long history of expertise in tax and accounting, having started with the launch of the first RIA products in 1935 — originally under the name Research Institute of America. Known for their insight into current events and plain-English writing style with Recommendations, Illustrations, Cautions and Observations (RICO), our RIA experts have been widely respected for decades. Today they are frequently cited as industry experts by major news organizations including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Money.com and others.

The industry-leaders are our experts

The IRS, state courts — even the U.S. Supreme Court — cites our WG&L authors as the leading sources in the fields of tax, accounting and finance. Launched in 1961 under the full name Warren, Gorham and Lamont, the history of our WG&L titles include such standard-bearers as the Federal Income Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders, State Taxation, GAAP Practice Manual and many more. Our WG&L Journals — including Internal Auditing, Journal of Taxation, Journal of Real Estate Taxation and Valuation Strategies, to name a few — are considered essential reading by firms and corporations alike who wish to stay abreast of hot topics in their respective fields.

Access the brands you love, wherever you go

Many of our RIA and WG&L products and libraries are available in print and online on Checkpoint. You can access Checkpoint on your computer, laptop, tablet and even your smart phone — so your research and guidance can be accessed wherever you go. In addition, several of our RIA handbooks are also available as eBooks on Thomson Reuters ProView, so you can take notes, search, highlight text and more.

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“While the Institute (RIA) cannot revoke laws, the Institute is, right now, through its Reports, Analyses and other confidential releases, showing Members how these laws can be turned into actual business advantage! Could be more asked of objectivity?”
The New Yorker, 1940

“The Institute (RIA) not only reports developments affecting the businessman, but actually tells him what to do about them. So far it has handled this colossal assignment with astonishing success!”
Fortune Magazine, 1959

The very first Research Institute of America (RIA) publication was a loose-leaf volume entitled Minimizing Your Payroll Taxes, published in 1936. This was soon followed by the supplemental loose-leaf Payroll Tax Savings Service, written by the renowned economist, humanitarian, presidential advisor and former Executive Director of RIA, Leo Cherne. These publications grew into what is today known as RIA’s Payroll Guide.

WG&L’s Journal of Taxation was first published in 1954.

WG&L’s State Taxation is often cited by both the U.S. Supreme Court and State Courts.

In Unisys Corp v. Pennsylvania, Pa. S.Ct., No. 73 MAP 1999, 10/25/02, a citing to the Journal of MultiState Taxation and Incentives appears in a dissenting opinion by one of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices.

WG&L authors Boris Bittker and James Eustice have been cited by the Supreme Court as leading commentators in the corporate tax field.

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For 50 years the Research Institute of America (RIA) has raised the level of our thinking, and kept the torch of liberty burning brightly. Your professional excellence in all you do is unequalled. You should all be very proud of what you are doing. May the combination of thought and ideas and excellence help inspire your efforts in the decades ahead.

Henry Kissinger,