Corporate Finance Review welcomes the submission of articles discussing strategies, policies, and ideas of interest to financial executives. Manuscripts for publication, and correspondence relating to them, should be sent to:

Corporate Finance Review
Morgen Witzel, Editor-in-Chief
Western Writers Block
Harper’s Hill
Devon EX20 3NR

Corporate Finance Review
Jack Nestor
Technical Editorial Services
205 W. Main Street, Suite 206
Carrboro, NC 27510

  • While the utmost care will be given to all manuscripts submitted, we cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. Articles accepted for publication are subject to editorial revision.
  • Articles must include a brief author bio and an Executive Summary. It is strongly suggested that articles end with a Conclusions paragraph.
  • Articles must be submitted on diskette (Microsoft Word), along with a hard copy. Articles should be double-spaced with liberal margins. Length should be 20 to 25 pages.
  • Within your article, use many headings and subheadings to break up and emphasize your points. Type all headings flush with the left-hand margin, underlining main headings but not secondary headings. No footnotes are used.
  • Illustrations and graphs (exhibits) accompanying manuscripts are to be produced in black laser-printed form. Typewritten or freehand lettering is not acceptable. All lettering must be typeset. Do not staple or paper clip illustrations. Put all illustrations between sheets of cardboard before mailing, to prevent folds.
  • If you are reprinting in your article any previously copyrighted material, the publisher must have letters of permission to reprint from the copyright holder. These letters must be submitted together with the manuscript.

Except in rare cases, Corporate Finance Review only publishes articles if they have not yet appeared or been accepted for publication elsewhere. There is generally no objection, however, to having articles that appear in this publication reprinted in other publications at a later date if appropriate permission is requested from us at that time.