Internal Auditing seeks articles that are primarily practice-oriented and that will be of interest to those in the internal auditing profession. The intent of Internal Auditing is to provide operational and implementational guidance to internal auditors, with a strong emphasis on a “how to” approach. Analysis of current developments and trends, best practices, results of original research, case studies, professional standards and issues, and practical advice are all appropriate topics. Short opinion pieces are also welcome. Internal Auditing is published bimonthly in both print and electronic formats on an annual, paid subscription basis.

It is expected that most articles be in the range of 8 to 20 typed, double-spaced pages (approximately 2,500 to 7,000 words), but the subject matter should be the final determinant of length and there is no set length requirement.

Internal Auditing publishes articles only if they have not yet appeared or been accepted for publication elsewhere.

Manuscript Format Requirements:

  • All manuscript copy should be in a PC-compatible word-processing document (preferably Microsoft Word). Manuscripts can be submitted via an e-mail attachment or on diskette or CD.
  • Footnotes or endnotes should be limited to identification of sources referred to in the text and should include complete information on the source and publisher, including publisher location (for books) and date of publication. References to websites should include the URL, the full name of the website, the author of the site’s content (if known), and the date the site was accessed. Additional discussion relegated to the footnotes will be moved into the body of the text during the editing process.
  • Please keep in mind that Internal Auditing‘s readers are a diverse group with a wide variety of experience and interests. The use of technical or professional jargon and acronyms should be kept to a minimum. Relatively obscure terminology (especially in articles dealing with information technology) should be clearly defined in plain English within the body of the article (not in a footnote).
  • All illustrations, tables, charts, figures, and exhibits should be numbered and provided with a suitable legend. They must be in black and white (i.e., no color graphics). Screen shots can be submitted in color, but will be reproduced in black and white and should be kept as simple as possible to avoid illegibility. Electronic versions of the illustrations should be provided with the manuscript. If the illustrations were produced using a graphics program, it is helpful if you note which program you used.

What to Include:

  • Include each author’s complete contact information, including address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Include a brief, one-paragraph biographical statement for each author.
  • If substantial material from other sources is included as part of the article, written reprint permission from those sources must accompany the article. Brief quotes from cited sources are not included in this requirement.

All manuscripts should be sent in electronic format (preferably via e-mail) to:
Jack Nestor
Technica Editorial Services

What to Expect:
Receipt of the manuscript will be acknowledged at the editor’s earliest convenience. A final decision on publishing the article is usually reached within one to three weeks, at which time the author will be notified.

If the article is accepted for publication, the editor will send a publishing agreement letter to each author. This brief document must be signed and returned to the editor in a timely manner in order for the article to be published.

Once the issue is printed and mailed, three complimentary copies will be sent to each contributing author.