Journal of Taxation:
Aspiring Authors

Articles intended for the Journal of Taxation should concentrate on practical information and tax-planning ideas. The target audience is the sophisticated tax professional. Articles should not be concerned with theoretical matters, or with policy discussions of how the law should be changed. (Constructive criticism of administrative or judicial interpretations of the law, however, is both acceptable and appropriate.) In general, the topic should be discussed with the editor beforehand to determine our interest.

To be considered for publication, an article must be sent to us on an exclusive basis. All manuscripts accepted for review are circulated to our editorial board for approval and comment. Once approved for publication in the print and electronic versions of the Journal of Taxation, every article is subject to editorial revision. Galley proofs will be sent to authors, and any corrections must be returned to us by the date indicated.

Manuscript should be submitted via e-mail as an attachment; the format should be in Word. Text should run a minimum of 12 pages (2,500 words); the ideal article is between 20-35 pages (4,000 to 7,000 words) but longer pieces are fine if the material warrants.

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