Derivatives: Financial Products Report welcomes articles offering practical information and planning strategies regarding derivatives and sophisticated financial instruments and transactions. Articles should focus on matters of importance to practitioners regarding transactions that are being or can be used in financial activities and transactions. Topic areas include tax and regulation of financial instruments, accounting for financial transactions, financial engineering and product design, and developments within international regulatory bodies (IOSCO, BIS, OECD) and industry groups (ISDA, IASC). Articles should not focus on theoretical or policy matters.

To be considered for publication, articles must be sent to us exclusively and are subject to review by the editorial staff and editorial board. If accepted for publication, the manuscript will be edited for stylistic conformity. Manuscripts generally run between 10 and 20 pages in length. An electronic version, which can be sent as an attached eĀ­mail file, is also required.

To submit articles, or for more information, please contact:

Derivatives: Financial Products Report
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