Cost Management publishes articles, papers and manuscripts from practitioners and academics alike. The emphasis is on providing interesting and useful information to readers. All articles are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and on occasion by other reviewers on a consultation basis. In consultation with academic members of the Cost Management Editorial Advisory Board we have agreed that more formal peer review is desired by some academic authors but not by all. Practitioners do not require peer review. Further, the number of reviews required in different countries around the world varies.

General Information for Authors

Manuscripts for publication, and correspondence relating to them, should be sent to:

Paul Sharman, Editor in Chief
Cost Management
5070 Spruce Avenue
Burlington, ON, L7L 1M8

While the utmost care will be given to all manuscripts submitted, we cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. Articles accepted for publication are subject to editorial revision.

Articles must include a brief author bio and an Executive Summary. It is strongly suggested that articles end with a “Conclusions” paragraph. Articles must be submitted in an electronic format. E-mails are welcome.

Within your article, use many headings and subheadings to break up and emphasize your points. Endnotes are used, not footnotes.

Illustrations and graphs (exhibits) accompanying manuscripts should be supplied in black laser-printed form. These exhibits should contain a minimum of shading and other design elements. Please include electronic files for these exhibits, saved in one of the following formats: .eps, .tif, .gif. Exhibits may be edited for content.

If you are reprinting in your article any previously copyrighted material, the publisher must have letters of permission to reprint from the copyright holder. These letters must be submitted together with the manuscript.

Except in rare cases, Cost Management only publishes articles if they have not yet appeared or been accepted for publication elsewhere. There is generally no objection, however, to having articles that appear in this publication reprinted in other noncompetitive publications at a later date if appropriate permission is requested from us at that time.

Contributors are writing for an audience with varying degrees of knowledge. Therefore, when addressing sophisticated or complex issues, your writing should be sufficiently clear to be useful to nonexperts. Assume that some readers will not have specific knowledge of the particular topic being discussed. All readers, whether expert or not, do need guidance on relatively complex questions and, at times, on the more basic ones.