Corporate Tax – New Zealand

New Zealand Tax Compliance

Designed to help Tax and Accounting professionals boost efficiency levels and minimise risks, Thomson Reuters tax compliance solutions take the strain out of managing tax provisions, tax return obligations and group tax planning.

As well as automating every step of the tax provisioning and reporting processes, our robust platform work as a tax knowledge base through features such as built-in instruction, review notes and comments areas. You can attach files and add your own ‘free-form’ statements, including links and formula for providing additional information, key to generating greater audit trails.

The software is fully NZ-IAS 12 compliant and enables companies to adopt this new standard for the calculation of key balances and disclosures under the new requirements.

Consistent set of comprehensive tax workpapers

  • Best practice workpapers
  • Protected and formatted schedules
  • Online comments/review notes – print ready
  • Integrated workpapers between tax provision and tax return calculations

Preparation of tax effect accounting calculations – IFRS compliant – (NZ-IAS12) – Balance sheet approach

Regular reporting – Ability to report monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly, or at other desired times