Fringe Benefits Tax

Where the fringe takes center stage

Fringe benefits are a valuable asset to your staff. A system to manage your fringe benefits tax is a valuable asset to your business. Backed by the power and experience of Thomson Reuters, ONESOURCE Fringe Benefits Tax is the solution that simplifies your fringe benefits reporting process.



Choose what you need from our end-to-end fringe benefits tax solution

With a single process, ONESOURCE Fringe Benefits Tax software allows you to generate lodgeable FBT return forms, cost center and payroll reports and employee RFBA letters with ease. Increase your level of accuracy and compliance in less time by automating your process.

You have a choice of the full, standard solution or a lite version that offers standard reporting, forms, a database of reportable benefits and tax commentary. The product works with ONESOURCE Corporate Tax-AU tax software to give you comprehensive control over your tax lifecycle.

Collate, calculate, consolidate and communicate better with the ONESOURCE Fringe Benefits Tax solution.


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