Mining Tax

Simplify mining disclosures

ONESOURCE Mining Tax delivers the logic and support to simplify the complexities of today’s reporting obligations for the Mineral Resources Rent Tax. Backed by the world-class expertise of Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting experts and regularly reviewed by a Big 4 accounting firm, our software provides accurate reports with an easier process.

Stop digging through non-compliant mining tax disclosures

Meet the complexities of mining tax rules with ease. Meet ONESOURCE Mining Tax from Thomson Reuters.

Reviewed by top experts in the field, Mining Tax’s logic has a solid foundation. Navigation is easy. The product helps you group project interests, track expenditures, factor uplifts and order your deductions. You will save time and increase accuracy when you prepare reports. Amounts from each mining project can be dynamically transferred to other groups.

Calculations at each step of the process will stand up to audit with accurate, clear documentation. Auto-populated fields help prevent your staff from entering incorrect data and creating erroneous calculations. Our calculations are reviewed annually by a Big 5 accounting firm, so you can be sure they remain proven and accurate.

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