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Gain control over your transfer pricing process

An award-winning, web-based solution, Documenter from ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing makes analyzing the arm’s length-nature of tangible, intangible and service transactions an easy, step-by-step process. Whether you are making changes to a policy or preparing a new transfer pricing report, Documenter can help you create efficiencies, save time and achieve global compliance.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Keeping up with transfer pricing has become a challenge for thriving multinational corporations looking for greater visibility and control over intercompany transactions. Documenter from ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing is a web-based software that can save your company time, eliminate your manual processing efforts, and provide transparency with every comparable search of our extensive databases.

With Documenter, you can import existing templates into the software and leverage existing information easily by copying text, functions or search-filter criteria. Our intuitive Comparable Search tool lets you scan multiple comparable company databases at once, tab through company information and financials and export the information to an Excel spreadsheet. Plus, you can compare what’s used by other ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing clients to gauge whether you are on the right track. Documenter is compatible with ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing’s wide range of global public and private company Databases from Thomson Reuters, ktMINE Royalty Rate Finder Database and Standard & Poor’s.

Why ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing?

Learn how Momentive Performance Materials took their transfer pricing process in-house, and benefited from substantial costs savings and better reports.

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For compliance, Documenter produces supporting documentation for compliance for single or multiple revenue authorities, which can export in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. This documentation satisfies the requirements of revenue authorities around the world, including the Internal Revenue Service transfer pricing regulations (Section 482) and the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. It also allows you to create customized transfer pricing documentation to meet your specific requirements. With the flexibility to analyze multiple data sets simultaneously, you can create custom line items or ratios, and organize reports that work for you.

When conducting planning with Documenter, you can organize your work by tax year and roll forward an entire tax year while still maintaining relevant information for prior years. If you update comparable searches, our audit log tracks every change and every step in the search process.

Features & Benefits

Backed by the support of leading professionals in tax technology, ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing can help you with everything from training and consultation to customizing your reports.

  • Cost-effective, web-based solution for easy, step-by-step analysis of the arm’s-length nature of tangible, intangible and service transactions.
  • Allows you to import existing templates and copy existing search criteria and functional information, saving time on manual data entry.
  • Intuitive Comparable Search Tool helps you sort through multiple global private and public company databases at once and export data into a spreadsheet. It also gives you a peek at which comparables are being used by other large multinational companies.
  • Produces supporting documentation for global compliance and includes an audit log that tracks every stop of the comparable search process.
  • Transfer pricing documentation can be customized and organized to suit your company’s needs.
Customer Insights

ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing has definitely met my needs. It’s very user friendly and with it now being web-based, everything is there online, which is great.

Emily Barnard
Tax Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle [READ MORE]