Taxologists of Tomorrow Technology and tomorrow’s business leaders

In the 21st Century global economy, technology plays a major role in driving efficiencies and managing business. As it continues to evolve, so does the role and functionality of professionals everywhere.

Taxologists of Tomorrow is a unique program that leverages technology to provide students with an educationally enriching career exploration experience. Students will learn how technology removes workplace boundaries and allows businesses to compete and expand quickly and efficiently. At the end of the experience, students will be armed with practical information and skills to make informed career choices and create a vision for their future.

Thomson Reuters has partnered with Junior Achievement to help give students the knowledge and skills required for the jobs of the future. As a tax technology leader, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE employees take their passion for cutting edge technology, innovation, and personal responsibility to the classroom. Lesson plans geared towards embracing the power of technology and the impact it has on careers today- professionals from finance, marketing, tax, technology development and more, will inspire and prepare kids to succeed in school and in life.

Taxologists of Tomorrow

Highlights from our first Taxologists of Tomorrow event.

Recent Events:

  • New York, NY
    Friday, Dec. 19, 2014 — Baruch College Campus High School
  • Carrollton, TX
    Friday, Dec. 12, 2014 — South Oak Cliff High School
  • New York, NY
    Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 — Info Tech High School

About the partnership

Thomson Reuters and Junior Achievement (JA) have a history of working together to empower young people to own their economic success. Junior Achievement brokers partnerships between the business community, educators and community volunteers — all working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their fullest potential. JA’s hands-on, experiential programs teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people all over the world.

Thomson Reuters offers many opportunities to volunteer including traditional programs such as JA Success Skills, JA Careers with a Purpose, JA Job Shadow and JA University.

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