A groundbreaking solution for trust distribution

Need to manage multiple managed funds and property trusts, compute complex tax calculations in short reporting cycles? Do you want to standardise your trust distribution and trust tax return process? We have the solution.

Keep it simple and get distributions right

When you’re managing multiple managed funds and property trusts, details count. You need to get trust distribution and tax returns just right to remain in compliance and keep your customers happy. An automated process can help you limit errors that come with manual entry, while meeting ever-shorter calculation cycles. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Trusts (formerly PowerTax) can streamline your process in a snap.

Our automated system enables accurate and quick distribution calculations for multiple trusts, so you get it done right—and in less time. With our software, calculations are automatically populated with prior period data and new data from your accounting systems, including unit registry and investment management systems. Plus, you’ll be accessing best-practice calculations signed off on by one of the Big 4 accounting firms in Australia.

Because the interfunding group structure is maintained within ONESOURCE Trusts, you can bypass numerous manual and time-consuming distribution steps. Once distribution calculations have been completed, distributable amounts automatically flow into the investing/holding trust. It’s automation that adds up to fewer opportunities for error and dramatically improved efficiency.

  • Property Trusts

    Spend less time preparing and have more time reviewing This easy-to-use software solution handles major property trust distribution and tax return assignments, automating multi-tier calculations and data flow, generating tax returns and allowing property trust administrators to save much-needed time.

  • Managed Funds

    Configurable for different investment types, our market-leading software automates interfunding and multiclass calculations so you can spend more time serving clients. Features such as, audit trails, variance and batch processing improve both efficiency and accuracy.

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