How to Enter

How to Enter

Anyone can nominate an individual, a team, an office, or jurisdiction for a Public Sector Champion Award. To submit a nominee to our Evaluation Committee, please follow these instructions:

  1. Review the award Categories to ensure your nominee meets the evaluation criteria and to identify the appropriate category under which to make your nomination.
  2. Complete and submit a Nomination Form by June 28, 2018.

We encourage you to review the FAQs or view previous years’ Public Sector Champions prior to submitting your nomination.


Excellence in Business Process Transformation

Evaluation criteria:

  • How has implementing a new or unique business process transformed the way your nominee’s office functions day to day? How has this impacted their ability to service the community? Examples may include-* — but are not limited to — new process implementation, updated technology deployment or change management.
  • Applicants should demonstrate how increased levels of quality have been realized and list the business benefits. Include any key performance indicators to track results. Examples may include — but are not limited to — efficiency gains, resource savings or shortened processing times.

Excellence in Office Leadership

Evaluation criteria:

  • How has your nominated individual displayed high levels of leadership and accountability within their office in order to deliver excellence in servicing the community?
  • Applicants should demonstrate ways in which the individual has increased levels of quality or has improved community outreach within their office in the last year.

Excellence in Crisis Management

Evaluation criteria:

  • How has your nominee stepped up in a time of need to provide critical services and outreach to your community?
  • Applicants should describe a critical moment or event that impacted the community — for instance, a natural disaster, significant change in governance structures or a community response to a policy decision — and explain how the nominee effectively responded to and managed this crisis.

Excellence in Community Service

Evaluation criteria:

  • Do you know someone who is an outstanding member of your community, either as an office leader or a community leader? This person may have demonstrated tremendous dedication to an office, a social charitable group or a community board, such as for education or fire services. (The nominee must be a government official or civil servant.)
  • Applicants should describe the nominee’s cause: how long have they been a part of this cause, and what impact has this individual had? The more detailed, the better. As an example, any information about the impact and outcomes on affected individuals’ lives, or about any achievements that stemmed from the nominee’s efforts will be a help to the evaluation committee.

What type of recognition does a Public Sector Champion receive?

From local and international recognition to press opportunities, the benefits of winning a Thomson Reuters Public Sector Champion Award are invaluable. Award winners:

  • Are announced and recognized at the SYNERGY User Groups Conference Awards Banquet, including the production of a spotlight video about their award which will be shown center stage at the ceremony;
  • Will receive a commemorative Thomson Reuters Public Sector Champion Award Winner trophy;
  • Are included in the Thomson Reuters media announcement of the award;
  • Are commonly recognized within your own organization and community for public sector excellence;
  • Gain recognition in the Thomson Reuters community as a thought leader for public sector best practices.