This free white paper discusses key challenges to answering complex tax questions and explains 5 ways to be a better tax researcher by taking full advantage of tax research technology, using it efficiently without getting bogged down by irrelevant information.

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Journal of Taxation

The Journal of Taxation is your trusted resource for new tax law developments, including court decisions, Treasury/IRS rulings, legislation – and other issues that may impact you and your clients.

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PPC’s Guide to Practical Estate Planning

Estate planning involves wealth transfer planning and numerous other nontax planning services. The significant changes made in the past few years will significantly impact the focus of estate planning.

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PPC’s 706/709 Deskbook

PPC’s 706/709 Deskbook breaks down the complexities of federal estate, gift, and GST tax issues and provides clear guidance for preparing or reviewing Forms 706, 709, and related GST tax forms (Forms 706-GS(D), 706-GS(T), and 706-GS(D-1).

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