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Do you spend your day surviving or strategizing? Keeping current with rates and rules keeps many companies in survival mode with constant worry about overpayment and underpayment risk. Hear from ONESOURCE Indirect Tax product experts how automating with ONESOURCE will ensure you get tax right at the time of transaction, freeing up your team to be proactive and strategic.

In this informative 30-minute webinar, we’ll address how to avoid overpaying taxes and how to minimize manual calculations that cause overpayment risk.

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Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ provides transformative tax technology that powers smarter decision-making for tax and accounting professionals worldwide. Backed by our trusted experts, we know where trends in technology are headed — and how tax departments can use them throughout the tax lifecycle.

Explore how you can achieve a global, scalable approach to compliance with ONESOURCE Indirect Tax.

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